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Christmas Flasks

Christmas flasks are the newest way to put a little jolliness in your holiday. These aren’t the discrete, chrome colored containers used for spiking the punchbowl in days of old. No, these garishly designed portable lifesavers should be shared and showed off (at least among close friends). These sleek metal flasks are well-made and feel good in your hand. Plus, they’re just the right size for a jacket pocket. With a handy screw top, you can easily access your liquid courage as needed with a few twists of the wrist, then tighten it back down to keep from spilling any of the precious contents.

Choose the Right Flask for You: At the Tipsy Elves workshop, we’re always coming up with fresh ugly Christmas sweaters for sale to celebrate the holiday season. Here are a few of the flasks you may enjoy. First up, you should be aware that “He see’s you when you’re drinking.” It’s good to know that your intake is being monitored! If you like to feel a little bit sheepish about your tippling, this is the flask for you. Next up, we’ve got “Santa’s little helper.” To be honest, Santa’s actual flask is a lot bigger than this one—and it’s filled with spiced rum most of the time. But this version is the right size to keep you topped up with Christmas spirit, with enough to share among friends. One more design for the festively inclined is our classic humping reindeer design. The romantic couple is bracketed by Christmas trees, presents, and the occasional bottle of wine for good measure!

What to Store in Your Christmas Flask: Consider how temperature affects the flavor of liquor when deciding on the best beverage to carry in the flask. If you tend to store your flask in a backpack while out camping, a drink that tastes great chilled is nice. For a flask worn close to your body, choose a drink that is OK at room temperature or above. Brandy, scotch, or rum are often OK warm. But vodka and Jagermeister are probably best cooler. Of course, the most important consideration is what type of alcohol you and your buddies like best. That brings us to the next topic—sharing.

Hip Flask Sharing Etiquette: The one unspoken rule of carrying a flask is that it’s not OK to Bogart it. If you are the only one at the party with a private stash, open up your heart to the spirit of giving. With that being said, send your flask around the circle starting with friends you know are lightweights. That way, the flask won’t be empty before everyone gets a sip. Also, wearing a funny drinking shirt will make it that much easier to talk soeone into giving you a sip out of their awesome Christmas flask.

Good times to bring out one of a Santa flask include: when your favorite team wins a game, when your team loses a game, when you win a card game, when you lose a card game, before you dance, after you embarrass yourself by dancing, when you get the cold shoulder under the mistletoe, while watching your favorite Christmas movies, when visiting the relatives you can’t stand, etc. The list can go on and on!