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Christmas Pajamas

Why do we love Christmas pajamas so much? Is it the stretchy material that forgives a hundred dietary indiscretions throughout the holidays? Is it the fact that unwrapping gifts under the Christmas tree is one photo op where we don’t feel like we have to dress to impress? Maybe it’s just the nostalgia of the Fair Isle patterns that remind us of the ugly sweaters from the eighties that are making such a big comeback right now. Whatever the reason, we know you’ll want to pick up a pair of these Christmas themed joggers for the winter season.

Unlike themed holiday wear that seems to be past its expiration date by January first, these festive red, white, and green PJs will be your best friends as long as there’s blanket-worthy weather in your corner of the world. They’ve got just enough yuletide flair to be called Christmas pajamas but not enough to earn you funny looks if someone catches you wearing these all the way into February. Here at the North Pole, we elves wear this type of delicious sleepwear year round. When Santa lets us telecommute to the workshop, we even work in these cozy PJs for Christmas.

Which design should you choose? Well, you should keep an eye out for new additions regularly because you know we Tipsy Elves are always coming up with fresh ideas. Like our awesome Men's black joggers! But you can start by making a choice between red and green. Our bright red Fair Isle PJs are definitely on the saucy side. They feature tiny reindeer and snowflakes on a cream backdrop to show off your wild personality. This is great sleepwear for cold nights when you want to heat things up a bit. The cut with its long sleeves and full-length pants may be modest. But it’s how the flexible fabric shows off your curves that counts.

For a quieter evening by the fire with a book, the green and white pajamas are perfect. They feature relaxing geometric patterns and tiny fir trees. In fact, these PJs are a fantastic choice for lounging around at home or on in your dorm whenever it’s cold outside. The laid-back color choices and the old- fashioned patterns help you feel relaxed. These are also wonderful PJs to wear for a grownup pajama party with your BFFs. All your girlfriends will be just a bit jealous of how cozy and comfortable you look, and they will definitely ask where they can get a pair of fun pajamas for women.

What’s in our blended pajama fabric that makes it so awesome? We use a textile called modal, which is a type of rayon. This semi-synthetic cellulose fiber is derived from trees. For these PJs, we’ve blended the modal with spandex to give it extra stretch. The fabric hugs your curves for a flattering and cozy fit. Modal is soft to the touch, absorbent, and resistant to shrinkage. It also pills a lot less than cotton—so you won’t find yourself picking at annoying little nubbins of fiber on your PJs after a couple of washes. In fact, our Christmas pajamas are easy to wash and wear. So don’t be afraid to pick up a pair of cheap joggers for women!