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Were you ever disappointed by receiving socks as a gift for Christmas? Heal that childhood trauma by purchasing some awesome Tipsy Elves Christmas shirts for yourself this year. In fact, these tops are the ultimate “clothing as present” option for everyone on your list. It may come as a surprise to get a Christmas t-shirt during the winter. But let’s be honest. If you are going to spend the day on the couch playing video games and not out chopping wood in the snow, what difference does it make if your sleeves are long or short and if you are wearing a Christmas Pajama set!

Let’s take a look at some of the hilarious and funky designs that will tickle your funny bone this season. First up, we give a nod to the Dad Bod. Santa is the guy who originally made this body shape popular. Of course, he had the whole bag of presents thing going on as well. If you want to attract your own Mrs. Claus while wearing this Christmas shirt, we suggest pairing it with a box of chocolates and a sink completely devoid of dirty dishes. This combination works like a charm every time.

Did you see Mama kissing Santa Claus? We did, and it’s time everyone else knew the truth as well. Our “Ask your mom if Santa Claus is real” Christmas t-shirt lets the cat out of the bag at last. Moms everywhere have been hanging mistletoe over their mantelpiece every Christmas Eve, hoping for a visit from not so saintly Nick. He may be a fly by night guy, but he gets the job done at every house along the way. There’s just something about that beard that is like catnip to the ladies. Maybe he should just buy an ugly Christams suit to play along with ihs playboy manner.

Does anyone ever actually use one of those fancy wooden nutcracker dolls to crack chestnuts around an open fire anymore? Probably not. That’s why this Crack Addict on our nutcracker Christmas t-shirt looks like he is going through serious withdrawal from all that vitamin E and riboflavin he should be getting in his daily diet. If you see a nutcracker looking “hangry” this holiday season, slip him a pistachio or two. Just watch out for those chomping jaws. You don’t want to lose a nail! Wear this Christmas shirt while you are out shopping on Black Friday. It may scare away the other shoppers and give you first shot at all those cheap electronics.

Not everyone needs a Santa to make their holiday dreams come true. Prepare for eight nights of non-stop partying in our Hanukkah inspired dreidel shirt. If someone gets all up in your grill about why you ate the last piece of Challah bread, tell them calmly “That’s just how I roll.” Then, brush the crumbs off your tee and move on. Life is too short for haters. OR, if someone asks you why aren't you purchasing a Christmas suit? Respond with "this is how I roll" and walk away.

There’s no shortage of naughty grins on our line of Christmas shirts. For more double entendre fun, slip into something comfortable like our Santa Claus is Coming tee. Yes, yes he is. Whether you dig our Christmas tops or our Hanukkah apparel, it’s all about getting on your holiday vibe with our epic Tipsy apparel. So much better than all Christmas Dresses.