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Coachella Clothing

Planning ahead for the next Coachella music festival? Part of that plan should be your Coachella clothing. After all, a music festival isn’t a music festival without a wide range of fashion choices that boldly demonstrate your sense of style!

Start at the top. A cowboy hat is almost mandatory. But if you eschew a hat, at least bring a scarf. The wind, dust and grime can quickly make your hair a mess, so plan ahead! You can also wear a ball cap, but be aware that a headdress might be more in line with popular attire.

Minimalist makeup is in order. Again, wind, dust and grime are factors here, and any elaborate makeup will sweat off in minutes. Is it really worth it? A scrubbed clean look can be refreshed with a hankie and some cool water at intervals, and won’t leave you looking raccoon-eyed.

Tops can be layered, for a comfy temperature all day. Start with a patriotic tee or womens American Flag tank; American flag attire is a signature look that will fit right in! You can go with an USA bikini top if you feel brave. Bare midriffs are very in, so knot your shirt up to show some skin. The patriotic clothing can also be used to create stagecoach clothing

Throw a cover up, a lace top, or a short jacket on top, and you have a chic looking outfit. Alternately, tie a plaid shirt around your waist with the aim of staying warm as the sun goes down and temps drop in the desert.

You can wear jeans, but be aware that it will be hot and music festival clothing is better when it is cooler. A short skirt or shorts are both viable options; lots of leg is traditional. Cowboy boots finish the look, protecting your toes and allowing you to wear thick socks to avoid blisters. Nothing ruins a music festival faster than bruised or bleeding feet! You want to be able to stay upright all day to experience every minute.

Look for fringe options for accessorizing. A jacket, perhaps, or a purse. A shoulder bag is ideal; just make sure it has a long strap so you can wear it cross body. Purse snatching is another tried and true way to have your weekend ruined in a flash! Alternately, try out one of our patriotic themed fanny packs--it will hold everything you really need, and no-one will be able to take it off you without a fight.

For sheer simplicity, try a simple cotton dress with a patriotic or tribal pattern. You can pair it with boots, a hat and a jacket for a put-together look that is comfortable and works in all degrees of weather. Don’t forget to wear your hair up off of your neck, and accessorize with earrings and necklaces or bracelets that carry on the theme. Turquoise is always a safe choice, and feather earrings are very popular. Just don’t take anything too valuable in case something comes off in the crowd.

Your Coachella music festival clothing is a chance for you to have some fun and make a fashion statement. Don’t pass it up. Coachella only comes once a year!