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Men's College Sweaters

Looking for men’s college sweaters that are officially licensed, well made, and ideal for honoring your team? Tipsy Elves has what you need, with a wide range of college sweaters available online for men that will stoke your team spirit and fan the flames of competitive drive.

The Florida State University Sweater is bold and brave in deep maroon with gold, black and white highlights. The Osceola image is guaranteed to strike fear into opposing teammates’ hearts, and the Seminole pride is strong. Gators, Hurricanes, and Tigers don’t stand a chance!

Burnt orange and Chicago maroon colors make the Virginia Tech college sweater gleam like firelight. The VPI alumnae always cheer for the beloved HokieBird, and swear that Techies are the best. Fire the Skipper and start the game, cadets!

University of Washington fans are loyal to the purple and gold, believing their own to be royalty among college teams! “Go Huskies” pays tribute not only the Harry the Mascot, but to the live Husky dog Dubs, who makes regular appearances at games.

Solid orange is the color of Clemson University, and the college sweater holds with tradition. No letters here, just the big white tiger paw print to remind fans that Tigerama remains one of the nation’s most famous pep-rallies. Don’t forget to stock up on $2 bills when attending home games!

“Bear Down” is the official chant of University of Arizona fans. The college sweater is a brilliant cardinal and navy blue, reminding students of the promise of greater education. The U of A Wildcats have a lovely team mascot duo—Wilbur and Wilma Wildcat. 

Is it a bear? Is it a cat? The Binturong seems to be both, and Cincinnati University fans proudly claim the “bearcat” as their very own. This college sweater has a similar combination style, with the “C” turned into a paw by the addition of unsheathed claws. White and black designs complete the bold look.

The orange and blue of the University of Florida college sweater is complemented by the contrasting green of a gator head. The dual mascots Albert and Alberta are beloved by fans across the nation. Give a cheer for the orange and blue!

“Roll Tide” is the chant for Alabama University’s team, and the crimson tide is reflected in this bright red and white college sweater. One state over, fans prefer the big black G adorning a red college sweater to honor the Georgia Bulldogs.

There are plenty more college sweaters for men where these came from, so check out the full line of men’s college sweaters and womens college sweaters from Tipsy Elves and make sure you show your team pride in your choice of apparel.