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Halloween Shirts For Men

Why did we start making Halloween shirts for men? At the Tipsy Elves workshop, we get bored just knitting Christmas sweaters all the time. We also think it’s ridiculous that all the red and green décor goes up before October is even over. Halloween is one of our favorite holidays, and it doesn’t get a fair share of attention. Here’s a peek at our fall lineup. We’ll have you howling all the way to the party and back!

There’s really no need to dress up our “Killer Dance Moves” Halloween t-shirt with anything fancy. In fact, ripped blue jeans or cutoffs with ratty hiking boots simply add to the undead vibe of this top. Even a pair of black sweat pants will work fine. A full face of zombie or monster makeup can take this outfit to the next level if you’re in the mood to put a fright into people. But a smear of ketchup at the neckline will do if you’re feeling lazy about the whole costume thing. Now get out there and break a leg—or a few other decaying body parts. It’s just so difficult to hang together when you’re falling apart!

Who says Halloween parties are just for kids? You know how to have a good time as long as the music is pumping and the beer is flowing. The magic words “open bar” cast a powerful spell that opens the floodgates to draw party guests from far and near. Even a couple of visitors from the other side of the grave have come back to enjoy a dark brew served in a red plastic cup. The festive fall colors on our “Here for the Booooos” top can go with a yellow baseball cap or a pair of orange shoes if you want to accessorize.

Why settle for being the life of the party when you can be the wolf of the party? We think it’s awesome that facial hair is back in fashion for guys, but the dude in our “Party Animal” design takes it way over the top. Good thing there’s plenty of moustache wax to tame that fur! This werewolf only comes out at night, so we’re not sure why he’s wearing sunglasses (we’re guessing it’s the cool factor). For your own part, wearing white slacks and a blazer would give you a very “American Werewolf in Miami” vibe.

There’s not much to do in the graveyard these days. The average lifespan for humans keeps going up all the time, so there aren’t that many new faces to keep things interesting. That’s why the bored haunt on our “Sheet Faced” shirt whiles away most of his nights with a bottle of cheap malt liquor. It’s more sad than spooky. If you’re a lonely ghost, this may be the shirt you choose for the Halloween party. Surely someone will buy you a beer!

Pair our Halloween shirts for men with your most casual jeans and shoes for a night spent listening to mad music, engaging in mystical mayhem, and live-tweeting photos of your Tipsy Elves gear for everyone to enjoy.