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Men's Skeleton Jumpsuit

Men's Skeleton Jumpsuit

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Men's Skeleton Jumpsuit

Premium Quality
-Please note, all of our jumpsuits are unisex and men's and women's jumpsuits have the exact same sizing.
-Made with 80% cotton and 20% polyester.
-Features two side pockets with zippers on the hip bones.
-Features two zippers with pullers on the main vertical zipper that zips to the top of the skull.
-Wash cold and tumble dry low to reduce shrinkage. Dry-cleaning is also acceptable.

Are you scared to death about finding the perfect Halloween outfit? Have no fear, the costumes of your nightmares is here! Get bad to the bone with our skeleton costume. We’ve got you covered from head to toe in our Skeleton Jumpsuit. Or should we stay skull to distal phalanges? What’s more, this skeleton costume comes with mesh eyeholes to make it easy to see when you're breakdancing. Plus, realistic graphics make it easy to show people where it hurts if it goes wrong! So suit up and knock ‘em dead for Halloween! Just be careful not to break a hip!



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