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St. Patty's Day Shirts

St. Patty’s Day Shirts

There’s no time like the present to stock up on St. Patty’s Day shirts (or St. Paddy's depending on how you say it). March is host to one of those holidays that people seem to forget about until springtime rolls around. Then, all of a sudden, they remember that there’s a full day (March 17th) that is dedicated to drinking green beer and singing “Danny Boy” with their buddies at the bar. It’s true, ingesting large quantities of liquor and getting maudlin in front of a bunch of strangers are pretty much the only lasting traditions for this day recognizing the patron saint of Ireland. But what more do you need to have a good time?

From Boston to New Orleans and beyond, there’s never a shortage of parades that celebrate this well-lubricated holiday. There’s no doubt our St. Patrick’s Day t-shirts (or St. Paddy's depending on how you say it) will be making an appearance at all the major Irish festivals across the nation—and you can join our army of tipsy leprechauns by choosing the apparel of your choice. We’ve got beer mugs aplenty on these iconic tops, adding a touch of gold to our fetching green and white designs. As always, the style is designed to be fitted but comfortable, giving you plenty of freedom to wave your shamrock banner high as you fill the streets with merriment.

What’s up with all the leprechauns? We have to admit, we get a kick out of thinking up whimsical and tacky designs for our shirts. It doesn’t get much more fun than designing t-shirts depicting beer-swilling, treasure hoarding, mythical wee cobblers who have a reputation for being super-grumpy. Of course, most people don’t think leprechauns are real. But they are wrong! We’ve actually had a family reunion here at the North Pole with some of our red-headed relatives from the Emerald Isle. They ran up quite a bar tab. But they resoled all our shoes and posed for some of our St. Patty’s Day shirt designs before they caught a plane back home, so we’re calling it even. We also planted a GPS tracking device on our cousin Rory (hoping we can finally track down where he keeps his pot of gold).

We encourage you to get your green on with our St. Patty’s Day shirts (or St. Paddy's depending on how you say it) to show your support for all things Irish. Remember, it’s good luck to wear Tipsy Elves apparel when you’re ready for a party. There’s just something about our shirts that puts people in the mood to buy you a beer. It’s probably the subliminal message sent by the beer mugs depicted on most of our Irish inspired designs. We think it’s very unlikely that anyone will mistake you for a teetotaler or ask you to be the designated driver.

Whether you plan to spend the day with family, hit the nearest Celtic festival, or go hog wild with friends during an all-night pub crawl, the Tipsy Elves hope you have a fabulous and memorable holiday in our St. Patty’s Day shirts. And, as the Irish say, “As you slide down the banister of life, may the splinters never point in the wrong direction!” Happy St. Paddy's Day!!!