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Stagecoach Clothing

It is never too early to start planning ahead for the next Stagecoach music festival. What you wear is a large part of the overall experience, so don’t waste this opportunity to fashionista your heart out! Stagecoach music festival clothing has some does and don’ts, so be aware of what to expect and avoid common mistakes.

Start at the bottom. Footwear is a hugely important factor. Foot pain can completely ruin your weekend, so avoid flip flops, open toed shoes, and high heels. Instead, go for Converse, Vans, or—best of all—cowboy boots. Wear thick socks, and take a spare pair just in case.

Next, your main outfit. Layers are a must, so you can peel off and put back on depending on the weather and cloud cover. Desert temps can vary wildly, so plan ahead! Start with a USA jacket (fringe is in, so this is a chance to break out those vintage suede duds.) A plaid shirt is perfect. You can take it off, tie it around your waist in the heat of the day, and put it back on as the sun starts to go down and you get chilly again.

The bare midriff look is ever popular, so consider a top that leaves some skin showing. A patriotic tank top or USA tee shirt can be knotted up for this purpose. Match with some denim or lace shorts for a bohemian look, or consider a cotton skirt.

If you are very self-confident, you can use an American flag bikini top and cut offs. This look is traditional for many music festival goers, and has become a common sight. If you are shy but still want a very feminine look, try a patriotic or tribal print dress. You will be able to stay cool and comfortable all day.

Put your hair up, if it is long. Sweaty, sticky, dust begrimed and wind-tangled hair can be annoying, so plan to avoid it. Braided hair tucked into a scarf or a cowboy hat is good; headbands or headdresses are also fun ideas and leave a lot of room for imaginative experimentation.

Forget makeup. Sweat and dust will ruin any carefully applied foundation in minutes, so go for a fresh faced look with some lip gloss and use jewelry to accessorize. Dangle earrings, looped necklaces and bangle bracelets add to the bohemian look. Turquoise, feathers, and hammered gold are all good places to start. You can also use unique stones or beaded jewelry for effect.

Your Stagecoach music festival clothes choices are yours and yours alone. As long as you remember there will be sun, dust, and sweat, you will be headed in the right direction. Let your creativity flow, and enjoy yourself. It’s a great opportunity to try out a new look, and get a little crazy with your fashion choices. Don’t miss out!