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50 States, 7 Days heading banner

The guys

Global Skatepark Salesman. College Marketing Manager. High School Soccer Coach. Advertising Account Director.

  • Josh

    profile image - Josh

    Almost Jimmy Fallon's Intern. Almost.

  • Brian

    profile image - Brian

    The guy that loses all of our toll tickets.

  • Chris

    profile image - Chris

    Lost a rap battle once.

  • Nate

    profile image - Nate

    Bitten by a groundhog. Explains a lot.

Josh, Brian, Chris and Nate have traveled together for the past 15 years. They've been to Europe, Africa, Canada and over 30 states with each other. This year they wanted to do their biggest adventure yet - planning an ambitious 50 states trip to celebrate the USA. When the group turned to Tipsy Elves for assistance, we jumped onboard immediately, decking out the guys in 100% Americana and helping make this dream a reality. No one has ever done this before. Until now.

Why is this trip so epic?

  • Record Breaking Trip

    - 50 states in 7 days. If it sounds like a lot of driving and flying, it is. And no one has set out to achieve it, until now.

  • Groundbreaking Footage

    - The entire trip will be documented using KODAK PIXPRO SP360 action cameras. This kind of video footage through all 50 states has never been captured.

  • American Adventures

    - Not only will the guys be setting records, they will be stopping by some of America's most prominent landmarks, snapping photos, and celebrating the land that they love.

The journey

The guys have always loved a great American road trip and they’ve been on many together through the years. They’ve traveled to the Northwest, Northeast, Southeast and Southwest…but never have they conquered the entire United States in one cohesive and record-setting journey. America can only truly be appreciated by way of the open road. Josh, Brian, Chris and Nate hope that their unique journey through our country’s great landscape will inspire others to take their own epic American journey.

roadtrip map of USA route
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50 States, 7 Days Route Plan - Jul 11th 50 States, 7 Days Route Plan - Jul 12th - 14th 50 States, 7 Days Route Plan - Jul 15th - 17th

Follow the journey

Join us on our biggest adventure yet: Filming the entire US in 7 days.