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Awesome political shirts


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Awesome Political Shirts

Do you have a hankering to wear something that makes people laugh? How about apparel that's controversial or even shocking? Our awesome political shirts cover all the bases. You can find silly president shirts and offensive political T shirts galore in our online store. Be sure to check back often and sign up for our newsletter to be alerted to new additions. With so much going on in the national arena, there's always fresh fodder for cool political T shirts.

You might be wondering why we elves pay so much attention to American politics. The answer is simple. Up here at the North Pole, where we design all these cool political shirts, the cable reception is awful. All we get are the main news channels--and the debates and election results are the closest thing we get to watching sports, even if it's just Olympic level mud-slinging. So, courtesy of our fascination with the US of A, here are some of our favorite awesome political shirts (including some epic presidential tops).

If you got a kick out of seeing Donald Trump's face on one of his reality TV shows, you'll love our Mount Trumpmore design. It's the only one of our awesome political shirts that features The Donald multiplied by four! Or, maybe you find this idea horrifying. In that case, it could work for a Halloween costume that scares small children. If you're looking for offensive political T shirts, any of our Donald Trump tee shirts will work--depending on your audience. But the "Dump the Trump" is just wrong on every level. That's kind of why we like it.

Of course, there are some funny political party shirts that everyone can appreciate. "America is for winners" is a perfect example. Say what you want about the dude, everyone does love to win! And in our awesome political shirts, you'll always be a fashion winner. There's also a "Chillary" design which is an example of cool political T shirts that could one day be a collector's item (an elf can dream, anyway). It's got the iconic candidate looking paparazzi ready in some stellar shades.

But one of our most popular political party tops has got to be the Pizza Party. It brings out the best in everyone, unlike the typical election season. We encourage everyone to find the cool political shirts that help them express not only their opinions but also their hopes and dreams. And we know everyone dreams of a land in which there is a free slice for everyone--with extra cheese for all. But no anchovies. Because there are just some toppings that real American's won't tolerate.

Oops, there we go getting political again. It's hard not to take sides when you see our awesome political shirts. It's unlikely that you and your friends will be able to agree on which one is the best. So each of you will have to buy a different design and just see which one helps you win the popularity contest!

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