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Baywatch Costume

Why settle for a generic lifeguard outfit when you could be wearing an authentic Baywatch costume? There's no mistaking that red, high cut swimsuit or bikini top with its gold zipper that catches the light in such a mesmerizing way. Or those red shorts with the blue chevron at the waist? Classic. We've actually got plenty of gear to suit your fantasy, so give these a gander.

The Hoff will "always be here for you" in our Suns Out Guns Out t-shirt. You can strike a matching pose, or just lean against the door jamb looking nonchalant. Either way, you will be the coolest cat in the place in this Baywatch outfit. Try our Beaches Love Me shirt if you want to make an even stronger point. The men's red and navy lifeguard jacket is a perfect topper for any of our shirts and makes a great addition to your Halloween Baywatch costume for a chilly day. But you'll still be tempted to wear it with our matching swim trunks for a full Baywatch outfit, even if it means getting goosebumps on your calves.

Ladies, don't think we've forgotten you like some faded piece of sea glass on the beach. Our full line of Baywatch tanks is up for grabs. You can get the iconic beach babe silhouette tank, or opt for our boyish "We Run This Beach" top with its image of the setting sun. We think it's perfect for dancing as well as running--especially if you do both in slow motion. The Suns Out Buns Out tank is an even naughtier version (and it's entirely up to you how much bun to show). We think it looks amazing with our cheeky blue bikini bottoms as part of a complete Baywatch costume.

When you're stuck on what to wear to a party, a Halloween Baywatch costume can be a real lifesaver. They are simple to slip into and don't require much in the way of makeup besides a smear of zinc oxide across your nose. But you can certainly have fun with the accessories. First up, you need lots of hairspray or gel to give yourself that matted, windblown style. Spray in blond highlights and rub on some bronzer for even more authenticity. Sandals are the obvious choice for footwear, but you could also opt for water shoes if you want to seem ready for anything. You never know how crazy the party games are going to get on Halloween and wading through a pool of fake blood to get to a candy prize is not out of the question.

What else should you pair with your Baywatch outfit? Obviously, you'll want to bring along a first aid kit stocked with bandages in case your BFF who came dressed as a mummy starts to unravel after too many shots of tequila. A rescue board or ring shaped life preserver is an obvious prop, if a little bulky. You could always just stock your pockets with lifesaver mints to make good conversation starters.

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