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Baywatch swimsuits


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Baywatch Swimsuits

We guarantee you'll be drawn to our Baywatch swimsuits whether you fondly remember watching that show with lithe, suntanned lifeguards running down the beach or just know the legend of those blonde and buff beauties as remade for the big screen. There's just something about a bold red Baywatch swimsuit that makes you want to wave your arms in the air like you just don't care--or like you are drowning and trying to catch the attention of that super hunky lifeguard sunning himself on the shore. These are the perfect swimsuits for a party by the pool, but they're also functional and can take you out into the surf and sand for a solid day at the beach.

If you love the look of a slimming, halter top one-piece, we've got just the Baywatch swimsuit for you. Those high cut thighs and bosom-enhancing lines will make you seem to float across the sand as you stride toward the ice cream truck or head out to the ocean for a quick dip. Don't be surprised if everyone thinks you are running in slow motion. It's the hypnotizing effect of the zipper pull bouncing up and down...up and down...with each step. Speaking of zippers, even our teeny two piece features this finishing touch on a sporty bikini top. It's designed for a little less jounce so you can really go after it on the volleyball court. The navy bottoms really make this a classic Baywatch bathing suit. The low cut gives you plenty of room to work on that midriff tan while you practice looking like a real movie star in your biggest sunglasses.

Do we have Baywatch swimsuits for the guys as well? Of course we do. Even if you're not a pop music legend in Germany, you can rock out an amazing look with our navy and red swim trunks. Just like all our guy gear, this Baywatch style swimsuit is designed with both fit and function in mind. Whether you're lounging by the pool, flipping burgers on the grill, or breaking out the boogie board, these shorts will give you the confidence to spike your hair (or rub some sunscreen on your shaved dome), and show off those muscles you've been working on at the gym. Don't be surprised if the girls do a double-take when they see you in these trunks. They are catching a whiff of those Mitch pheromones. You don't sweat, you ooze charm when you slip into a Baywatch style swimsuit.

Don't worry about sharks in the water this season. Instead, you should be worried about what to do with all the nods of approval from the surrounding crowd when you break out your Baywatch style swimsuit. They might get seasick from all that head movement. And it would be your job to rescue them. From water skiing to laps in the pool at the rec center, a red Baywatch swimsuit makes every activity just a little more sexy. Browse our collection of shirts to go with your Baywatch bathing suit. You can get some sun on your guns or your buns in an awesome tank or tee!

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