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Beach shorts

Suns out, buns out! It's time to show off your gams in a pair of epic beach shorts. Whether you enjoy neon and wacky designs or some solid patriotic apparel, we've got summer shorts that will give you every excuse to do a slow motion run down the beach-making sure everyone gets a peek at these incredible designs as you go by!
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Beach Shorts | Women's Beach Shorts

It's sand and sun time again, so that means you need to pull on some beach shorts and hit the road! This year, you can sport our latest and greatest Tipsy Elves swimwear in all its vibrant glory. This collection is guaranteed to generate comments and start some fun conversations poolside or surfside. The eye-catching patterns just beg to be the talk of the cabana, and possibly cause other people to for online aloha shirts. So grab your flip-flops and sunscreen, it's time to make a fashion statement that just won't shut up.

Let's talk a bit more about these women's beach shorts designs. First up, there's our relatively traditional USA-inspired board shorts. Just like our other patriotic Tipsy Elves apparel, you'll find the stars and stripes on bold display on this half-and-half pattern. Turn one way, and you show of the stars. Spin the other way, and it's all stripes, Baby! This pair of beach shorts can blend perfectly with our bikini tops or with our American flag tanks. They look particularly fetching with our Old Glory design featuring a flowing handkerchief hemline.

Next up we've got a bevy of eighties inspired designs. Pineapples in your shorts would be a bit prickly. But this festive summer fruit on your beach shorts works just fine. The aqua background and bright piping make this a great design to wear with a refreshing sky blue scarf in your hair. For an even more tropical feel, try our psychedelic Hawaiian shirt. Look closely, and you'll see bright pink toucans perching amongst the leaves!

From beach side to block party, our boom box beach shorts will set your body in motion. Crank up the reggae music and let your hair down to dance the day away in these brightly colored swim trunks. If you'd rather spend some time under the sea, take a dip in our sea horse bedecked design. These unique Men's swim shirts are all topsy-turvy, and you will be too after too much time in the sun. Stay hydrated, friends!

For a more girlish look, don't miss our pink women's beach shorts. They go great with a white lacy cover-up or with a boyish tank top and some pink flip-flops. There's also a floral design that brings the islands to mind with an explosion of hibiscus. Grab a lei and your favorite bikini top to hula your way through the summer! You might even layer a grass skirt over this pair when you head to a luau. Or, you can throw everyone for a loop and wear something loose fitting a free flowing! For ideas check out our tropical shirts for sale.

Try on a pair of these women's beach shorts and you'll agree--these are way more comfortable than a typical swimsuit. There's no elastic grabbing at your skin, just a smooth hemline that follows the curve of your thigh. Unlike a bikini bottom, there's no chance that the material will shift suddenly, leaving you unnecessarily exposed. It also won't bunch up or work its way into an uncomfortable location. Now, you can play all your favorite water games without worrying about a wardrobe malfunction. Just tie that drawstring in a neat bow and you are ready to go.

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