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Tipsy Elves is all about living every day like it’s the weekend and making history with the most radical clothes this fine planet has ever seen. Our Ski Ambassador Program is designed to hook up our biggest and most influential fans with a chance to live the dream. All we ask in return is that you help spread the word about our epic brand on your mountain and on social media. We want you to share our brand message by, literally and metaphorically, screaming it from the mountain tops. Sounds like a dream right? Well, read on, because it only gets better.


Who is Tipsy Elves?

At Tipsy Elves our mission is simple: we make the most outrageous clothes known to mankind in order to make your life more fun. It’s a big undertaking, but we’ve been doing it one legendary collection at a time. Along the way we’ve reinvented ugly Christmas sweaters, launched a patriotic collection that Honest Abe would honestly love, and now we’ve engineered super high-tech, quality ski suits so bright the sun won’t stare directly at them.


Why Me?

Do you live on the slopes? Do you enjoy embarking on life-changing adventures? Are you a fearless innovator in throwback style? Is your ideal date night attending a themed party? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be the perfect candidate for our Tipsy Elves Ski Ambassador Program. The very fact that we reached out to you to be part of this cutting edge program means that we think you have something special, that “secret sauce” that will make you a game-changer.


Tipsy Elves Weekend Warriors

While you can’t commit to hitting the slopes five days a week, you know that every ski day is an epic day when you’re involved. Maybe you spend too much time doing keg stands, hitting the island in beer pong or heaven forbid you have a job – luckily we still have room for you. Tipsy Elves wants to provide you with a ski suit and discounts, in exchange for your undying loyalty for all of eternity. Here are some details:


Tipsy Elves Powder Hounds

We know what you’re thinking, “sign me up!” – well not so fast buckaroo. The thing is, being a Tipsy Elves Powder Hound is not for everyone. The Powder Hounds program is for our full-time, full-dedication, champions of the great white north. To be an official Tipsy Elves Powder Hound you need to eat, sleep, and drink the mountain lifestyle. A Powder Hound spends as many days as humanly possible on the slopes where they spread good vibes, hand out coupon cards, and rip 1080 Zutniks (or try to) for everyone and anyone you come into contact with.

Official Powder Hounds are the leaders of the Tipsy Elves Ski Team and receive 10% commission on all sales when customers use their proprietary coupon code. The ideal candidates crave attention, are supremely outgoing and love meeting new people – after all, one day in a Tipsy Elves ski suit is an experience you will never forget! Here are a few more details:





Top Tipsy Elves Events

Power Hounds and Weekend Warriors can attend awesome local events for free or discounted rates.



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