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Christmas gift bags


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Christmas Gift Bags

What's the best part of Christmas? Burning the turkey? Being trampled in the Black Friday Sales? Or death by a thousand paper cuts while you wrap everyone's presents? If you're looking for an easy way to avoid the latter this holiday season, feel free to take a browse in our Christmas gift bags section. You won't find glitter and fairies here - just a selection of Christmas packaging that tells it exactly like it is.

Everyone knows a dog is for life, not just for Christmas, so why get the little ones' hopes up? Deliver a present wrapped in the cold hard truth with this wonderfully candid “not a puppy” gift bag. There's nothing like setting low expectations at Christmas, so your loved one will be delighted when he or she opens it up to find a lump of coal.

Did somebody say low expectations? How about last year's crummy Christmas toy or a reject sweater from an 80s exercise video? There are all sorts of goodies to be found in your local thrift store, so make sure your significant other knows how much you love them with this “I bought this on sale” gift bag. If telling them exactly how little money you spent on them isn't love, we don't know what is.

However, if you are feeling a little flashier this Christmas, then there is of course a gift bag to make everybody around the tree jealous. Our “stop staring at my package” gift bag has just a risqué enough of a pun that the kids won't understand, but the adults won't be able to contain their smirks. Plus, for those who are blissfully unaware of double meanings, it might just imply that there's actually something of value in that bag. We'll leave it to you to make that call.

Speaking of risqué, feel like showing your significant other how much they really mean to you this Christmas? How about something to spice up the bedroom? There's never a good time to open up a pair of fluffy handcuffs in front of the in-laws, so we've got just the thing to save you from any embarrassing moments. This frank “do not open in front of family” bag will signal to your lover that there's probably something in it that's meant for after dark, and not for the family album.

Besides our open and honest range of Christmas gift bags, we've also thrown in a few greeting cards for good measure. Here's a nice one that's fun for all the family: how about this “Drunk Santa” Christmas card? If the idea of a boozed up office Santa doesn't float your boat, there's always the traditional religious message of Christmas too, encapsulated in this dope “birthday boy” Christmas card. You thought you'd seen it all, but you've never seen the JC with a balloon and party hat.

From ugly Christmas sweaters to gift bags, we're here to save Christmas for you one step at a time. That's a wrap,

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