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Christmas greeting card


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Christmas Greeting Cards

Ah, the humble Christmas greeting card. It's one of the biggest political events of the year: getting the whole family together to wear ugly Christmas sweaters and grimace politely while a photographer captures the special moment.

Feel like avoiding all that? Us too. That's why we've launched our own Christmas greeting cards range, which sum up the spirit of Christmas from a partying Jesus to a catnipped kitty. Our Christmas card range will tickle the funny bone of anybody who's bored with traditional nativity images. Or better still, you can send them to the biggest Scrooge in your family and watch them stew.

For maximum effect, and offense, we'd start with something like the “Santa Claus is coming” Christmas card. Seems harmless enough, right? It is until the unwitting recipient opens it up! You won't find any “seasons greetings” in here, rather, you'll see the quintessential comedy phrase “that's that she said.” Well come on. What did you expect?

If your line of dark humor stems from something a little more spiritual, we've got you covered. Christmas is a time to celebrate the birth of our Lord, and doesn't he know it? With this “Happy Birthday Jesus” Christmas card, you can check out the JC man living his best life with a balloon and a party hat. We've even thrown in a token dove (or should that be turtle dove?) to make it super biblical. With a no-nonsense “party like it's my birthday” message inside, your colleagues, family or friends will certain get the idea with this Christmas card.

So we've looked at Santa and we've looked at the JC dawg, what about something completely off-piste? If you're not much of a traditionalist, there's always the Santa Unicorn Christmas Card. We prefer to call it a Christmicorn, but frankly, as long as it's not Rudolph, it doesn't matter. This quirky card captures the spirit of Christmas in all its feasible glory - the idea one dude delivering to every house on the planet in one night is way too far-fetched. He'd definitely need a unicorn.

If animals are indeed your jam, we've also got the Meowy Christmas card, which is a festive classic and a nod to the millennial Internet. Nothing says Merry Christmas better than a cat who's high on catnip in a Santa hat, so say it with a card this holiday season. This adorable, if not slightly menacing, kitty will perfectly complement any fireplace or refrigerator door.

In addition to our slightly offensive Christmas greeting cards (thank you drunk Santa), we've also taken the pain out of wrapping with our gift bag selection. There's everything from the setting low expectations charm of this “not a puppy” gift bag to the slightly more risqué “do not open in front of family” gift bag. Well, at least you warned them, right? Beyond the turkey, the parties and the Black Friday sales, you don't need the added hassle of greeting cards this Christmas. We've got you covered.

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