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Christmas Light Strand Leggings

Christmas Light Strand Leggings

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Christmas Light Strand Leggings

Premium Quality
-Made with 95% polyester and 5% elastic.
-Soft comfortable fit.
-Machine washable.
Light up your legs with this tangled, rambunctious legging design. This sizzling pair of stretch pants is the epitome of ugly Christmas fashion. They are vividly atrocious, yet so compelling that you can’t look away. The red background provide a sharp contrast for the deep green holiday lights as they wind their way down the swirling white strands. Don’t blink, because these lights won’t either! With Christmas fashion this hot, you won’t even need a fire in the hearth to stay warm.

The most obvious choice of top to pair with these leggings would be one of our tacky Christmas sweaters. But you’ll have to choose the ugliest of the ugly for the design to compete with these garish pants. They really demand a lot of attention. If you want to tone things down, wear these leggings with an oversized white top and sneakers. For fun, add some jingle bells to your shoes so everyone can be warned that they are about to see something extraordinary.



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