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College Christmas Sweaters

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Show your colors! Shop our collection of college Christmas sweaters that are just the right amount of cool for school.

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College Christmas Sweaters

Are college Christmas sweaters on your wish list for the holidays? You must have been very nice, because this year we are featuring your favorite team on a comfortable, cozy sweater. Be sure to browse our collection of mens college Christmas sweaters and womens college Christmas sweaters to find the logo you love.

Florida Gators

Here at the North Pole, we've never actually seen an alligator. But we hear that the ones in the Everglades can eat a reindeer in a single bite. That's how the Florida Gators treat the teams they play! Our University of Florida sweater is a soothing blue, like twilight over the bayou. Wear this sweater to your next holiday shindig or when you follow the Gators to their next out of town game in cooler climes. Like all of our college Christmas sweaters, this one looks great with jeans.

Missouri Tigers

All the big cat got for Christmas were his two front fangs, and he's about to rip a new one in the opposing team. The tiger is burning bright on this pitch black sweater with its flurry of snowflakes. Although it doesn't feature traditional holiday colors, this is one of our classic Fair Isle college sweaters with its pattern of knitted snowflakes. Get the full body coverage with one of our college jumpsuits. Black and gold, let's go Mizzou!

Tennessee Volunteers

Christmastime is all about the spirit of giving. Whether you are volunteering at a soup kitchen or offering to help Dad set up his new flat screen TV so you can watch the game together, you'll love the look and feel of this bright gold college Christmas sweater. The capital T stands for Tennessee, but also for Time well spent with family and friends during the holiday. GO VOLS!

LSU Fighting Tigers

What is it with football teams and tigers? Louisiana State University probably claims the prize for college ugly Christmas sweaters. The colors are more in keeping with Mardi Gras than the winter holidays. But you can always add a few strings of red and green beads to make this sweater look more seasonally appropriate. What matters is that you're representing your team!

Texas A&M

What do you get an Aggie for Christmas? That sounds like the start of a bad joke, but the answer is deadly serious--you buy them one of our college Christmas university sweaters. The fact that the sweater actually says ATM on the front is an inside joke about the cost of tuition. But with a football team this great, at least the cost of admission to a game is well worth it. Wear this sweater around the bonfire or at the fireside watching a game on TV.

Michigan Wolverines

Now here's an animal that can survive in the arctic. We Tipsy Elves actually keep one as a house pet. His name is Jackman. This navy and yellow piece is another one of our college Christmas sweaters that doesn't exactly fit the red, white, and green theme of the season. But you can just growl and show your claws if anyone points that out!

All of our college sweaters are designed for men and women. With sizing charts that are easy to read and fast shipping anywhere in the US, you're sure to be pleased with your shopping experience.