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College Christmas Sweaters For Men

Officially Licensed by Campus Specialties, Div of Vesi Inc. Designed by Tipsy Elves.

Class is out, but the holiday spirit is in! And that means you need our college Christmas sweaters for men. In fact, you don't have to wait for winter to get your hands on these amazing tops. Start your fall semester on the right note right now with Tipsy Elves gear in your school colors.

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College Christmas Sweaters For Men

Are you fanatic about your college sports team? Now, you can express your love of the game with well-made, great-looking College Christmas sweaters throughout the season and into spring. For true fans, there is no "off-season". There's only an endless cycle of anticipation followed by satisfaction. If you are actually on the team, there's no excuse to wait. Stock up on college Christmas sweaters for men for all your teammates today!

Hanging with the Guys

Maybe your glory days on the field are behind you. That's OK too. Our sweaters look good on you even if you are past your prime. Create your own fantasy football team with our men's college Christmas sweaters. These college themed sweaters are the perfect uniform for that touch football game that you play while the womenfolk are busy preparing the holiday dinner. They're nice and warm--and they don't cost nearly as much as an authentic football jersey.

Of course, these college sweaters for guys work just as well indoors as out. If you're more of the "couch coach" type, you can loll on the sofa and scream at the referee while you watch a game on the tube. Our College sweaters for men remind you of what makes this season special. Football.

Mother Knows Best

Do you have a son coming home from university for the Holidays and expecting a great gift? This time, he'll really mean it when he says, "Gee, thanks, Mom! I love getting clothes for Christmas." This is one gift he will treasure for years. If you want to be especially popular, send a few extra college Christmas sweaters for men in a care package for his fraternity brothers. If you really care, check out our university onesies as well.

What's Your Favorite Team?

We don't play favorites, since the North Pole Gnomes have yet to win a single game. So, here are just a few of the teams we celebrate at Tipsy Elves.

Alabama: The Crimson Tide is on its way, and we're not talking about Santa. Wear this Sweet Home Alabama of a sweater in loving memory of Bear Bryant. The epic AU coach died within a month of retiring from football (just as he predicted!) You'd probably do the same if you had to survive the holidays without watching at least one great college game.

OU and UT: From the dustbowl to the Cotton Bowl, Oklahoma and the Longhorns love to mix it up during the holidays. Whenever you see burnt orange and burgundy in the same room, you know there's about to be an argument. Our men's college Christmas sweaters separate the men from the boys when it comes to crossing state lines. Hopefully there will be a heroine in one of our college Christmas sweaters for women to maintain peace.