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College fanny packs

Are the pockets on your college hoodie getting all stretched out of shape? Then it's time to get yourself one of our college fanny packs. They're specifically designed to make it easier to break your addiction to pockets and let you experience the joy of having a place to stow your smartphone where it actually fits!

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Havana Banana Fanny Pack
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Midnight Fiesta Fanny Pack
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Feisty Flamingo Fanny Pack
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USA Fanny Pack with Cape
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No Drama Llama Fanny Pack
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Freedom Fanny Pack w/ Drink Holder
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College Fanny Packs

College fanny packs are poised to be the next big thing in campus gear. Laptop bags and backpacks may be essential if you are lugging around heavy equipment and textbooks from one class to the next. But we are in an era of increasingly paperless and slimmed-down education experience. What you carry in your head and on your web-connected smart device is where it's at these days. Why not be ahead of the curve with this lightweight pack that's the perfect size for your essentials?

Tipsy Elves is right here to help you keep your stuff together with our highly functional pouches that are designed with hands-free utility in mind. With three zippered compartments, there's a spot for everything--and it's all easily accessible when you need it. You can fit a smartphone, a notepad and pencil, snacks, hygiene items, and much more into these cool fanny packs. If you choose a style with an attached koozie, there's even a spot for an energy drink to wake you up before a boring lecture.

What if you could take something with you everywhere as a reminder of how much you love your school--or at least you're school's football team? A hat is one option, but it gets sweaty and gross after a while (guys) or causes some horrendous hat head (gals). A t-shirt is fine, but it has to go in the wash, leaving you feeling lost without your branded school gear. The college fanny pack is the obvious solution. It lets you carry your college colors and logo with you everywhere, and you can carry a whole lot more inside. You can also show love for your country with our patriotic fanny packs.

Here are some helpful tips for using our college fanny packs the right way. First, become a creature of habit. Always put your keys in the same compartment so you don't have to open all three zippers to hunt for them. In fact, dedicate the smallest compartment to your keys and don't put anything else in that compartment. That way, your keys won't get tangled in Kleenex or other items, pulling everything out of your fanny pack when all you need to do is just open your door. Second, take your school pride to the next level by wearing one of our cool college onesies or collegiate cardigan sweaters under your fanny.

Separate your phone from any hard objects so you don't scratch the screen. With room for some snacks, this is a fantastic pack to take out tailgating or to a sports game. Just keep foods in a baggy inside your fanny pack so they don't get crumbs or melted chocolate on the interior of this lovely accessory. You may get hot since you're going to be wearing one of our college jumpsuits for men.

Planning to travel off campus in an unfamiliar area? A fanny back can be used as a small emergency preparedness kit. Stash an old-fashioned paper map, cash, moist towelettes, Bandaids, a whistle, waterproof matches, an energy bar, a juice pouch, a solar blanket (in winter), a battery-operated fan (in summer), and a mini-flashlight in the fanny pack to be equipped to handle minor mishaps.

In short, these college fanny packs help take the load off your hands. They work with any outfit so you don't have to wear pants with pockets all the time!

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