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College Sweaters

Is fall semester right around the corner? Are you wondering what to wear home for the holidays? Our college sweaters are a no-brainer. But they somehow make you look more educated when you wear them. Find a sweater that's made to fit you right and help you fit right in with the crowd on campus. We can't help with the rest of your grades, but you'll get an A in fashion in our Tipsy Elves college gear.

Officially Licensed by Campus Specialties, Div of Vesi Inc. Designed by Tipsy Elves.

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College Sweaters

Whether you are a student or a member of the august alumnae (or just a transplanted fan cheering for your new "home team"), these officially licensed college sweaters are perfect for just about any occasion. Every sweater is campus approved, so you can wear our apparel with confidence and pride!

Are you "tradition rich, Wisconsin proud"? Our bright red University of Wisconsin college sweater with the requisite "W" in white has additional embellishments in black and white for extra style, and comes in a round neck version for guys and a V-neck version for gals. Bucky Badger himself would be proud to wear one. This is one of our more popular college sweaters for men.

Oklahoma fans can enjoy their own stylish University of Oklahoma sweater in deeper crimson and cream, with decorative white and black design bordering the big, familiar OU on the front of the college sweater. Sooners can wear their college letters with pride, be they native Boomers or newcomers to the state.

"On! On! U of K" is the rallying cry of Wildcat supporters, and this striking University of Kentucky college sweater is just as bold and bright in royal blue with white lettering and embellishments. The sun truly shines bright on Kentucky homes during sports seasons, as many a fan will attest.

A paler blue sweater with white and black designs lets University of North Carolina supporters show their team spirit. Tar Heels stick when sticking is needed, and the ram mascot is a familiar and well-beloved sight, spurring teams towards "battering" foes into submission.

Orange and black make the Oklahoma State University sweater a jolly one, with a white border design and the team lettering on the front. Team supporters cheer for Pistol Pete when Cowboys and Cowgirls take to the field.

The Stanford University sweater is as red as the team's mascot - the Cardinal. The green Stanford tree is emblazoned over the letter "S" on the front, designating the college's team mascot (whose costume is reinvented every year.)

For University of Michigan fans, their team will always be "The Victors". This luxurious looking navy blue number has yellow and white highlights, the requisite M centered on the chest, and plenty of geometric designs making it one of our most striking college sweaters. "Go, Wolves" is the cheer for this team, whose token mascot is a fierce but perennially absent wolverine.

These are only a few of the college sweaters offered by Tipsy Elves, and we are continually adding more to our offerings. Support your college team and stay comfy and warm in the colors of your choice! College sweaters are here!