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College Sweaters for Women

Our college sweaters for women take your campus clothing options up to a 4.0 grade point average (not that you were flunking before, but it's nice to ace the fashion test). Grab your school colors and sizes to fit all your room mates or sorority sisters. There's no reason to skimp when it comes to being the best dressed students at your college!

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Women's College Sweaters

No matter what kind of sport you are into, you can show your team spirit with women's college sweaters for sale. Wear your home team colors with pride, or cheer for an adopted team if you are from far away. What matters is that you do it while wearing officially licensed, high-quality gear. Fortunately, our women's college sweaters fit the bill.

Take the University of Tennessee, for example. The Volunteers play the game, the least you can do is cheer them on in a trademark orange sweater with the big "T" in white on the front! Rock out to "Rocky Top" and stock up on snacks--it's going to be a great season.

Maybe you're a Mizzou fan. The University of Missouri college sweater is classic black, white, and orange, with a tiger head planted atop the "M". Smoke the peace pipe, then beat the war drum. The Tigers are out for blood!

Blue and orange are the colors of Auburn University, and the women's college sweater is dappled with a little white in the borders for contrast. Fans may scream "War Eagle" during the game as a live eagle circles overhead, but the team's name is the Tigers and Aubie is the official mascot.

Aggies know that Texas A&M is the team to cheer for, and cheer they do with an old fashioned "Aggie Yell". Maroon and white are the school colors, and everyone on campus knows Miss Rev, the collie mascot. This women's college sweater echoes the colors and spirit of the esteemed University.

Penn State is an East Coast favorite when it comes to college teams, and the Nitanny Lions are fierce competitors! This PSU sweater is a bold navy blue and white, with a proud mountain lion head on the front. The call and response cheer reminds fans "We are - Penn State!"

Not to be outmatched, the West Coach reveres Cal Berkeley and the Golden Bears. The Cal sweater is gold and blue, with "Cal" in script across the front. The mascot Oski is well beloved, and the rooting section is well known for their color card displays.

The Gulf Coast honors the Fighting Tigers, as flagship Louisiana State University calls their teams. The mascot is (obviously!) a tiger with the classic name of Mike; the band is called the Bengal Brass; and this women's college sweater is resplendent in the school colors of royal purple and old gold.

The Texas Longhorns are perhaps one of the nation's most recognizable mascots--and "Hook'em Horns" is both a rallying cry and a salute. The burnt orange and white colors of this Texas Longhorns college sweater outline the image of Bevo, the UT Austin steer on whom the eyes of Texas linger.

These are just a small sampling of Tipsy Elves' women's college sweaters, so check out the full line to find your favorite team. You can show team spirit year round when you wear women's and men's college sweaters, so grab an extra for a friend and get ready to cheer!