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Cool halloween costumes


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Women's Unicorn Costume Women's Unicorn Costume Quick Add
$79.95 $69.95
Women's Unicorn Costume
Men's Unicorn Costume Men's Unicorn Costume Quick Add
$79.95 $69.95
Men's Unicorn Costume
Lion Costume Lion Costume Quick Add
$69.95 $29.95
Lion Costume
Pineapple Costume Dress Pineapple Costume Dress Quick Add
$59.95 $49.95
Pineapple Costume Dress
Women's Night Mare Unicorn Costume Women's Night Mare Unicorn Costume SOLD OUT Quick Add
Women's Night Mare Unicorn Costume
Men's Night Mare Unicorn Costume Men's Night Mare Unicorn Costume SOLD OUT Quick Add
Men's Night Mare Unicorn Costume
Skeleton Suit Skeleton Suit Quick Add
$89.95 $79.95
Skeleton Suit
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Cool Halloween Costumes

When you were growing up, were you envious of all the cool Halloween costumes the other kids had? Or, were you the lucky child who always had the most fantastic outfit. Either way, it's time to get the kind of awesome adult Halloween costumes that will make you the envy of people of all ages this fall. We're glad you found this treasure trove of cool costumes for Halloween, because it's about time someone showed the rest of the grownups how to really dress up for the most wonderful holiday in the year!

You have to admit, winning a cool costumes contest is a lot less work than winning a pumpkin carving contest--especially if you're not trying to put together an outfit from scratch. Our unique Halloween costumes for adult revelers take into account that you've got other stuff to do besides squinting over sequins and burning your fingers on a glue gun. With our Halloween costumes, cool style and effortless spookiness are easy to achieve. That means you can spend a lot more time on candy and beverage selection, the choices that will really make or break your popularity at the upcoming All Hallows' Eve party!

Which of our cool Halloween costumes will you choose to bring an extra dose of hilarity to your fall festivities? We can't decide for you, since our outfits for Halloween are like our children (we can never claim to have a favorite). But we can point you towards a few cool costumes for Halloween that we know will get a fantastic response in different settings. Here's a peek at what to wear where.

Silly adult Halloween costumes are perfect for when you are actually going to be around little hobgoblins and witches at some point during the evening. It's tempting to scare the candy corn out of kids, but it's actually more fun to strike fear into their hearts in a more subtle way--by dressing up as a unicorn. They will start to worry that when they grow up, they won't be able to find Halloween costumes cool enough to compete with something so spectacularly magical. It's the stuff of which neuroses are born!

If you're going to a grown up rave, we recommend our sexy Halloween costumes for adults. For the guys, that means something like our Stitched Up suit that gives you the unflappable air of the perpetually undead. For the ladies, the Hot Damn tank and leggings are ideally danceable for a long night of doing the Monster Mash. These cool Halloween costumes are a no-frills way to slink through the night in style.

For outdoor activities in the autumn chill, we definitely promote our jumpsuits as cool Halloween costumes that will keep you warm. The Astronaut onesie even has an attached six pack cooler--ideal for carrying chilled beverages that have the paradoxical effect of warming your blood. And you want to make sure that blood is nice and warm to attract all those sexy vampires roaming the night, right?

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