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Welcome to the Tipsy Elves coupon page. Here you can find all of our currently active Tipsy Elves coupon codes and promotion codes. Click through the links below to redeem these great savings.


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Don’t miss the chance to use our Tipsy Elves coupons to enhance your online shopping experience! Now you can find lots of ways to buy your Tipsy Elves gear for less. We’re all about the spirit of giving, and what better way to give back to our loyal customers than with promotion codes, coupons, discounts and free shipping? New and returning customers can both benefit from using our Tipsy Elves coupon codes. The easiest way to get an immediate discount on your current order is by signing up to receive updates from us. We never spam and we don’t sell your email or share it with others (Santa is watching and he would not approve). Instead, we only use your email to send you notifications about cool new products, information about what’s happening at our workshop, and awesome promotional offers that help you save money. We don’t just believe in being generous with brand new customers. We love the fact that our Tipsy Elves fans keep coming back for more—and we think you should be rewarded! You can always check this page before you shop to find out if new coupons, promotional codes and free shipping offers are available. And check your emails too, since you may find cool Tipsy Elves promo codes designed for our returning customers. What about special sale prices? Since we carry all kinds of seasonal gear, you’ll often find off-season items marked down to ridiculously tipsy prices in the sales section of our website. But you may also find apparel that is right on point for the current holiday season. You never know when we’ll have just the ugly sweater you’ve always wanted marked down by 20% or more! Do you like your friends? We have more Tipsy Elves coupons designed for you. Inviting friends to shop with us is super simple (you can do it easily online). You can coax them to try our delightfully ugly apparel with a sizeable Tipsy Elves promotional code. They save money on their very first order, and you get a matching coupon to shop for more Tipsy Elves apparel as a result. Imagine that your school or office is throwing an ugly Christmas sweater party. You could invite all your friends to do their pre-party shopping on line and really rake in some Tipsy cash. Now that’s some extreme couponing! As always, our Tipsy Elves are standing by to answer your questions via phone, email, or live chat. We’re happy to help you find out about any current specials and promotions so you can coupon your way into savings. We want to make it easy for you to save money, so you’ll find using our Tipsy Elves coupons and discount codes during the checkout process to be very simple. Our goal is to take over your closet one item at a time (it’s not exactly world domination, but we’re just elves). Remember, our store has much more than just ugly Christmas sweaters. We’ve got apparel for Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, and much more. Right now is always the perfect time of year to save money on your Tipsy Elves apparel. What’s on your shopping list?