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Creative white elephant gifts

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Creative White Elephant gifts

Playing a game of White Elephant is always risky. You want to bring something to the party that’s covetable, but you also want to steal other people’s. Our aim is to make your gift the best one there, so we’ve drawn up some pretty creative White Elephant gift ideas.

Interactive White Elephant gifts

Need to liven up the office? We’ve got the most epic prank gift to spook your co-workers. Our spider prank box will have everyone jumping out of their seats this holiday season.

How many friends and family do you have that love to talk about how spicy they like their food? We’ve got good news that you can truly put them to the test with our Hot Sauce Roulette! This will keep everyone nice and toasty warm this Christmas and will provide all of the entertainment you could ask for.

Quirky creative accessories

More creative White Elephant gift ideas come in the form of alcohol consumption. This naughty Santa wine sweater will keep whites and rosés chill, and red wines at room temperature. Does it get any better than this?

Themed hip flasks will dial up the volume for any Christmas party. In particular, when you’re drinking from our Secret Sunscreen flask, it’ll be sure to raise some reactions.

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