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Two guys and two girls posing on a grassy field in festival attire

Festival Outfits

Two guys and two girls posing on a grassy field in festival attire

Festival Outfits

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Festival Outfits

Are your old festival outfits so last season? Are they as worn out as the latest pop star's single that the DJ just WON'T stop playing on the radio? Then it's time to renew your festival attire with some of the perky and unpretentious offerings from our very own lineup filled to the brim with wit, charm, and grit. Don't let the silly names fool you. These clothes for festivals are serious business, made to stand up to the rigors of such activities as waiting in line, fanning yourself in the summer heat, and even jumping up and down and screaming like a girl (whether you actually are one or not). Get festival season tee shirts right now and wear them all year long after they've been autographed by your favorite musicians.

Trying to find the right festival wear for when it's an ungodly temperature even in the shade? We don't advise wearing your black leather pants in the heat, even if they do make your thighs look totally awesome. Instead, grab some of our festival season shorts and a bottle of bug spray to keep your legs cool and free of bites (love bites from a friendly festival dog don't count). The guys will appreciate our beach wear and swim trunks in all manner of psychedelic and groovy patterns like the Shark Whisperers and the Grand Finale, featuring everyone's favorite cartilaginous fish and frozen desert, respectively. These festival clothing for men aren't to be missed and go well with tee shirts or our short sleeved beach tops.

What about the ideal festival outfits for the ladies who love a good concert? We have to admit, the shorty overalls in patriotic colors are some of our favorite women's festival clothes. You can't go wrong with a pair of those and one of our smooth tank tops--or even a skimpy bikini top if the day is particularly hot and there's a chance of sprinklers going off. Our festival wear also includes a stunning selection of funny tank tops. You can "Vacay All Day" in our pineapple bedecked tank or go for a "Suns Out Buns Out" look when you wear a themed top with some of our extra skimpy beach shorts. For festival outfits that require a lot less thought, you should definitely try a romper. It's the one piece version of "set it and forget it" when it comes to fashion.

Whether you're looking for clothes for festivals, a concert, or a rave, don't forget that the accessories are what can make or break the whole look. And practicality and style can go hand in hand when you need something that keeps both your hands free. You guessed it, we're talking about our festival season fanny packs with more zippered pouches than you could shake a glow stick at. This particular piece of festival attire is even more useful with a drink holder attached. That's the only way to stay hydrated when you're chanting the name of your favorite band for twenty minutes because they are getting a late start (probably the drummer's fault again). Whichever fanny pack you choose, it will amp up the functionality on our festival outfits--all the way up to eleven.

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