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Festival Shorts

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Festival Shorts

With so many outdoor events lined up for the season, you don't want to be caught short handed when it comes to festival shorts. Jeans and leggings have their place, but sometimes you just need to show some shin and some skin. We have shorts for festivals of all types, from the county fair to an EDM extravaganza. Check out our full selection along with our music festival tee shirts and tanks to round out your wardrobe.

Even if you disagree with your friends about the coolest bands, you will find common ground deciding on festival shorts. Womens styles should be quite short--think just grazing the thighs without revealing too much. Our beach bottoms fit the bill quite nicely and you can shop for them in tropical, retro, and patriotic styles. Festival shorts men will crave include our summer and USA themed outfits that can be matched with any of our music festival tops. We think they look particularly smashing as a fully matched set along with some leather sandals.

Festival shorts go great with a fanny pack too. After all, you can't fit everything you need in just a few pockets. You need a festival belt bag for all the emergency supplies, from chap stick to bug spray and sunscreen, that will keep you comfortable throughout the event. Men's festival season clothing goes great with our red, white, and blue bags. For the ladies, day glow and retro styles are particularly fetching. All our fanny packs can be equipped with a koozie (or a full circle of drink holders) to ensure you can quench your thirst at a moment's notice.

Want something more than festival shorts? Womens styles for this season include rompers that tie together tops and bottoms in a single unit with an adjustable waistband for ultimate comfort. This is the ideal women's festival apparel if you like to keep your wardrobe carefree. Try the cactus themed piece if you are following your favorite band through the southern US. Or, go for a watermelon design that's appropriate anywhere this delicious fruit is served.

For even more dude-friendly festival shorts, men will want to browse our swim trunks section. These are quick drying fabric, so you can cool off in any nearby body or water or with a hose and expect to drip dry pretty fast. If you have friends who like to dump water on your head from time to time, at least you won't have to deal with being soggy on the ride home.

Whichever tops you choose, your shorts for festivals should be just as eye-catching. So don't go for "blah" khaki or plain blue jeans when you can have something that's designed to show off your great taste and epic personality. Our festival shorts will make sure you stand out in the crowd, at least from the waist down. So be prepared to cut a path through the crowd like a true fashionista in this cool Tipsy Elves gear. You've earned the right to make some visual noise!

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