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Men's Frankenstein Jumpsuit

Men's Frankenstein Jumpsuit

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Men's Frankenstein Jumpsuit

-Please note, all of our jumpsuits are unisex and men's and women's jumpsuits have the exact same sizing.
-Made with 100% cotton.
-Features two side pockets with zippers on the hips.
-Features two zippers with pullers on the main vertical zipper.
-Ventilation openings with zippers in the armpits and inside of the knees.
-Dry-cleaning recommended.
-Thinner than Christmas jumpsuits to allow for year round wear.
Bring your Halloween costume game back from the dead with this one of a kind Frankenstein costume! With its eerie green color and bolts sticking out of the neck, that’s some costume engineering that even Dr. Frankenstein himself would approve of. So get ready to suit up and act alive. With this Frankenstein costume, you’re sure to be the beau of your next Halloween bash. Be careful, though. Try not to let all the compliments you’ll be getting, go to your head. It might just pop right off. You better tighten up those bolts and start practicing your Frankenstein strut.



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