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Funny flasks


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Funny Flasks

Our holiday-themed funny flasks are sure to be at the top of your Christmas wish-list this season. With several designs to choose from, there's something to appeal to every taste. First, we've got the raunchy humping reindeer flask in festive green that's garlanded with Christmas presents and decorative fir trees. It's sure to be a hit at the ugly sweater party. Next, there's Santa who "Knows when you've been drinking" and doesn't care--as long as you save a sip for the big guy. Finally, we have "Santa's little helper." In truth, St. Nick's personal flask is more like a keg (what do you think he carries around in that bag?)

A funny flask is the gift that keeps on lubricating. We think these portable spirit containers make great stocking stuffers, secret Santa gifts, and holiday party door prizes. Of course, you'll have to decide whether to fill them before you give them away. Maybe you like someone well enough to buy them a funny flask--but not quite enough to break out the good stuff. Either way, you're sure to enjoy spreading joy this winter with a gift that warms the belly and the heart.

We're pleased to see that the hip funny flask has made a comeback in recent years. We Tipsy Elves have been using this handy piece of tippling technology since long before the days of prohibition because staying warm at the North Pole can be tricky. Along the way, we've picked up a lot of tips for using funny flasks the right way. Here are a few we can share with you.

Funny flasks can save you money. If you're a cost-conscious drinker, carrying a personal container out on the town is the equivalent of sneaking your own candy into the movie theater. You don't have to rely on extravagantly priced concessions to ensure you have a good time. Plus, you can ensure that your favorite liquor is on hand when you need it.

The best place to carry a funny flask is inside a blazer or pants pocket. It's easy to reach and doesn't show from the outside. A hip pocket will work, but the bulge may be evident--letting others know that you're packing heat. Of course, you can also tuck a small flask into the top of your boot or carry it in your briefcase or backpack as a last resort.

Keep your liquors pure! The flask has limited space, so don't use it for mixed drinks (what's the point of a rum and coke when you only have room for a few ounces?) Stick with time-honored favorites like bourbon, whisky, or scotch that you can drink straight.

Never put soap in your flask! Clean it out after every few uses with warm water. If you are switching beverages, diluted vinegar or lemon juice can help remove any traces of the previous flavor.

Use it or lose it. Once you've put a beverage in a flask, it should be consumed within a few days. It's best to stock your flask right before you leave for an event where you know it will come in handy. Since a flask is pretty small, you should be able to drink the entire container with the help of a few friends.

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