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Funny president shirts


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Funny President Shirts

Funny president shirts like our "Dream Team" featuring the famous four on Mount Rushmore are always a crowd pleaser at Independence Day events and summertime festivals. They have just the right patriotic flair without being too polarizing. But at the end of the day, you probably want some funny president t shirts that do get a little carried away. That's why we've put together a collection of American apparel that gives you a fresh take on some of the most well-known names in history.

First up is Abraham Lincoln, born in a log cabin in Illinois and not afraid to wear a cone shaped party hat to compliment his long beard. You have to admit, it gives a whole new meaning to president party shirts. You don't have to vote red or blue, unless you're talking about a plastic cup to hold your favorite beverage. These funny presidential shirts and tanks were made especially to help you keep a straight, solemn face while you try to remember the lyrics to the second verse of the Star Spangled Banner. It's not a feat anyone has yet mastered, but you're going to give it an honest try, because that's what Abe would have wanted.

What about president party tank tops that are all about being true to your country's historic love affair with all things fermented? That's where the George Washington bedecked "Party Like a Patriot" top comes into play. Yes, this first top dog of the greatest nation on earth was known to throw back a pint or two in the day, so we don't feel bad about commemorating that fact on our funny president shirts. Since people only lived to be about forty back then, can you blame them? As the old adage encourages, "Gather barley hops while ye may."

No collection of presidential party tee shirts would be complete without a nod to the slickest POTUS ever, Mr. Clinton. In fact, we know a bunch of folks who wanted to bring him back to the White house in the role of first spouse. That's why we just had to put him on another of our funny president shirts. Whether or not you feel the same, having Bill's smiling face shining out from these funny president t shirts just makes it seem like all is right with the world.

And don't forget to choose one of our hilarious Donald Trump shirts. That man is a goldmine of ideas for funny president shirts without even trying. It's a made for TV term in office for this guy, and we just can't bear to change the channel. Despite the hair, Trump is now the world's most powerful trendsetter, and well deserving of a spot in our collection of funny presidential t shirts. We suggest wearing these tops with a heavy dose of irony and a touch of fatalistic humor.

Had your fill of silly political party shirts? Then go for some straight up patriotic apparel in our Americana collection to balance out your funny presidential t shirts. This red, white, and blue gear brings everyone together under one great banner that makes it alright to have a difference of opinion. Because at the end of the day, we are one big, fashionable family.

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