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Funny white elephant gifts

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Funny White Elephant Gifts

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Between much mistletoing and hearts all a glowing, there’s always time for a little good cheer. Why not invest in a few rib-ticklers with these funny White Elephant gift ideas?

Hilarious White Elephant gifts

Any festive season that’s based around happy families is ripe for corruption. Enter: the most epic White Elephant gifts. Our bag of unicorn farts adds a certain layer of outrageous gift giving this Christmas. Kids and adults alike will leave their holiday party tootally ready to see what this gift is all about.

Funniest White Elephant gifts for drinkers

Alcohol and laughter are a match made in heaven, like Mr. and Mrs. Claus. So get your bros together, break out the secret sunscreen flasks in the middle of winter. No one will be suspicious and everyone will want a little bit of that sunblock. We all know what SPF stands for… – super private flask. Looking for the ultimate, completely work appropriate office game? Check out our spin-the-shot gift. Why not give yourselves a break at the office everyone in a while? Give it a shot.

For man’s best friend

Everyone knows the funniest animals are animals on the internet. We’ve brought that to life with Lions Mane Dog costume. For the dog lovers out there, you can literally turn your pup into the perfect Christmas gift with. Bonus points if it’s the office dog.

Funny doesn’t have to be offensive, but it usually helps. If you want to be the class clown this Christmas, you know what to do.

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