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Men's University of Georgia Sweater

Men's University of Georgia Sweater

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Men's University of Georgia Sweater

Premium Sweater Quality
-Constructed with 100% premium acrylic yarn, double panel construction and reinforced stitching.
-Fits true to size. See size chart for more sizing information.

What does the giant letter G on this sweater stand for? Georgia? Go Dawgs? Golly, what a great group of guys? You decide when you pull on this bold red UGA sweater. It’s the perfect item to wear to a football game on a cool day. The logo is so bright and eye-catching that it may hypnotize fans of the opposing team, causing them to start cheering for the Bulldogs instead of their own, less worthy team. The vivid red acrylic knit of this sweater gives it a sporty feel for the season.

The tri-color red, black, and white repeating geometric designs look like X’s all the way around. That’s an X that marks the spot of a heart that beats with loyalty. If dogs are man’s best friend, you return the favor by being the Bulldogs’ best friend. Wear this scarlet University of Georgia sweater over black or blue jeans.



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