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Golf knickers


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Golf Knickers

Why get your knickers in a bunch when you can simply by a bunch of knickers? These golf knickers will help you stay calm and collected on the course--even while everyone is freaking out over how awesome you look. And that's exactly what you want. Breaking people's concentration with your golf clothing isn't against the rules, and it gives you an edge when competing against more experienced players. Forget the handicap! You just need these handy clothes to even things up. Let's take a look at the lineup of golf knickers and find the perfect piece for your next outing.

Take me out to the golf game, because these hot dog knickers prove that there is a new "Favorite American Pastime." And it's one you play with a club instead of a bat. We highly recommend matching these vivid sausage-splattered golf pants with our mustard yellow golf socks (included) and our ketchup red polo (purchased separately). Because these accessories are like the condiments for your classic foot-long pants.

A little birdie told us that you'd like some tropical golf knickers swarming with pale pink flamingos. So that's just what we whipped up for your wearing pleasure this season. These birds are much louder in real life, but their appearance on your knickers is as quiet as a golf clap. This pair comes with matching pink socks that will make you feel like preening through at least the first nine holes.

Tired of golf knickers that are just "par for the course"? Hit a hole in one with our Cube Caddy set. This vivid and tantalizing pair of knee-length trousers is Escher-esque in its ability to fool the eye. Are those diamonds? Cubes? A flashback from that bad sushi you ate in the 80s? No one knows for certain. But we do know they look spiffy with matching navy socks and golf polo.

It's a bloody good morning for a Bloody Mary--or a few hundred. These golf knickers alone may put you over the legal limit to drive a cart, so get yourself a designated driver for the fairway. Or, just walk to burn off some of those liquid calories on the course. With the tomato-red stockings included, you're all set to make a splash on the golf scene this season.

Is that, "Hail to the Chief" we hear playing in the background as you step up to the tee? No, it's just the sound of these golf knickers in all their American Argyle glory. Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but argyle is a true buddy for the guys. These red, white, and sky-blue beauties will make you the envy of all your friends--even the ones who have those super-expensive golf clubs you can't afford. They are all just wishing they had your taste in pro apparel right now.

Each pair of Tipsy Elves golf knickers comes with a trendy set of stockings to serve as the foundation of your outfit. Feel free to mix and match our polos, golf caps, and sunglasses on top to create an entire outfit with twice the power of your backswing!

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