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Golf shorts


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Golf Shorts

When the weather is hot, or when it's cool but you really want to show off your fancy socks, you need a pair of golf shorts that will make you the talk of the fairway. Whether you're a golf pro or just someone who enjoys taking out your anger issues by whacking a tiny white ball with a metal club, we have funny golf shorts that will help you put things in perspective. Because golfing should always be about relaxing and enjoying the day, even when your entire reputation is hanging on the next putt. Here's a look at some of the pieces in our collection that will tickle your fancy.

First up are our patriotic golf shorts. They look pretty serious, but they do have hilarious names. Our Star Spangled Tanner shorts are begging to be worn without a shirt so you can work on soaking up the UV for real. But you're probably going to have to stick with the dress code at the country club and wear one of our bright red golf polos on top instead.

We think you'll enjoy tricking yourself out in a pair of Tricky Dick's red, white, and blue shorts. Remember when we thought Nixon would go down in history as the most hated and reviled president of all time? Those were the days! Wrap yourself in nostalgia with these comfortable shorts that remind everyone you are not a crook.

What about some retro, pastel eighties golf shorts? Our Disc Jockeys and Weekend Warrior designs are what you need for those days when you just want to listen to some late-era disco tunes as you putter around the putting green. They go great with our retro gear and epic sunshades. Also, a fanny pack. Because that's what the folks are wearing on the pro tours (google it if you don't believe us). Fortunately, your fanny pack is way cooler and has an attached koozie to hold your beer. What happens to an open beer can attached to your waist when you drive the ball onto the green is anyone's guess...

If you're feeling tropical and beachy, then you'll gravitate toward our funny golf shorts with more of a sea and sand theme. The Shark Whisperer will remind everyone that there's no handicap quite like having a leg bitten off by a hammerhead. Make ominous movie track sounds when a competitor approaches a water hazard, just to add some spice to the game.

Then there's our Castaway design. When your whole day feels like a giant sand trap, these are the golf shorts that will help you pull yourself together and get back on the green. They pair well with our socks and polos. And if you're feeling like a bit more leg coverage, there are always our knickers and full-length pants to consider. Browse the full collection including our funny golf shorts and shirts to find just the right ensemble to bring your fashion game up to par. Or make it a hole in one by dressing top to toe in our Tipsy Elves golf gear.

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