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Graphic tees for men

It's time for people to sit up and take notice when you walk into a room. That's why we've designed graphic tees for men, who aren't afraid to make a statement. Whether you want to annoy people with political satire, make them giggle at a pun, or just give them a good reason to scratch their heads in confusion, you'll find the right t-shirt here.
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Men's Pardi Gras Tee Men's Pardi Gras Tee Quick Add
$24.95 $9.95
Men's Pardi Gras Tee
Men's Pardi Gras Tee Men's Pardi Gras Tee SOLD OUT Quick Add
Men's Pardi Gras Tee
Men's OMG Becky Tee Quick Add
$24.95 $17.95
Men's OMG Becky Tee
Men's Leprechaun Sketch Tee Men's Leprechaun Sketch Tee Quick Add
Men's Leprechaun Sketch Tee
Men's Santa Mask Tee Men's Santa Mask Tee Quick Add
$24.95 $9.95
Men's Santa Mask Tee
Men's I Regret Nothing Tee Men's I Regret Nothing Tee SOLD OUT Quick Add
Men's I Regret Nothing Tee
Men's Dad Bod Santa Tee Men's Dad Bod Santa Tee Quick Add
$24.95 $14.95
Men's Dad Bod Santa Tee
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Graphic Tees for Men

Our graphic tees for men aren't quite as graphic as our naughty reindeer sweaters. But they get the job done when it comes to grabbing attention and generating laughter. We've got a design for every occasion--particularly if those occasions involve a few beers or ladies in our women's graphic tees. Here's a look at what beverage you might pair with each of our designs:

Irish--I Had a Beer: Beamish Stout is a real Irish beer. So why not sip a stein of this hearty drink to celebrate St. Patrick's Day? You don't have to add green food dye to your glass. Just wear a nice green graphic tee shirt to avoid getting pinched. We recommend this graphic t-shirt with its four leaf clover design for extra luck.

Love Stinks: Our anti-Valentine's Day shirts are a perfect match for a Broken Heart Martini. Hopefully, you've got some Absolut Kurant vodka and Godiva chocolate liquor on hand. Sure, this is a bit of a girly drink. But we won't tell if you won't. This is a "stay at home crying in your glass" type of graphic tee for a real man anyway.

Party Like a Patriot: Porter beer was a favorite in the 1700s when it was commonly imported from the UK to the colonies. But after the United States was founded, it became a matter of national pride to drink home-brewed beverages. George Washington, in particular, was a fan of locally made dark beers. Take a page from his book and buy American! You might get yourself an awesome pair of aviator sunglasses to go with this drinking shirt because why not buy graphic tees for men? In fact, cool shades go with all our men's graphic tees.

Sundae Funday: What do you get when you mix Kahlua, vodka, cream, and a few other delicious ingredients together? Alcoholic ice cream. It's quite a tricky business to make this stuff since alcohol has such a low freezing point. But if you do it just right, you end up with a frozen White Russian. No one can jostle this beverage!

Thankful for Vegans: Did you know that not all beers are vegan? It's true. Some animal products may be used in the filtering process used to make cask ales. The "Barnivore" website provides an extensive list of vegan-friendly beers. Fortunately, these aren't hard to find since they include popular brands like Miller Genuine Draft. Have a bottle with your turkey this Thanksgiving.

Camp Morning Wood: Have you been pitching tents since 1969? If that's really a problem you want to solve, any alcohol will give you ED if you drink enough of it. We're guessing you just want to relax and enjoy. A modest thimbleful of whiskey aged in an oak barrel might be the perfect solution.

Here at the Tipsy Elves, we like to joke about a lot of things. But we really do want you to keep wearing our novelty shirts for many years to come. That means lining up a best buddy who can get you home safe if you party harder than you expected. Maybe you can even buy your designated driver an ugly Christmas sweater or a graphic tee for men as a thank you present!

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