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Skeleton Suit
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Sailor Costume
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Witch Costume
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Alien Costume
Men's Shark Costume Men's Shark Costume SOLD OUT Quick Add
Men's Shark Costume
Women's Lobster Costume Women's Lobster Costume SOLD OUT Quick Add
Women's Lobster Costume
Men's Lobster Costume Men's Lobster Costume SOLD OUT Quick Add
Men's Lobster Costume
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Men's Pineapple Costume
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Women's Pickle Costume
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Matching Halloween Costumes

What's better than funny Halloween costumes for just one person? Two matching Halloween costumes! But since it would be greedy (and kind of sweaty) to layer them one on top of the other, we recommend finding a partner to share with. If you have kids, you might even get some of our smaller sizes and have matching family Halloween costumes for party. Gosh, you could even dress your entire sports team in matching costumes before you go out to (responsibly) terrorize the town. There's really no limit to how many you can buy--as long as you order before we sell out!

Scenario #1: You and your special someone are planning to go to a big party. But you get in a huge debate over what to wear. It's almost like arguing over where to eat. Finally, you decide to get couples Halloween party costumes that match (like our hot dog jumpsuits). That ends the fight and you end up having a fantastic time in your matching costumes. The experience brings you both together in your shared love of grilled sausage.

Scenario#2: You and your identical twin sibling are in a serious "twin-off". You want to participate in more than a traditional costume contest. You want a "who wore it better" contest, so for Halloween, matching costumes are just the ticket! When you line up for the contest, everyone is confused. The judges get so flustered, they award you both first place for your awesome outfits for Halloween. Which outfit did you choose? We like to think it was the astronaut jumpsuit. That way, you brought along more than enough frosty beverages in the jetpacks on these matching Halloween outfits for adults to enjoy!

Scenario #3: You, your spouse, and your teenage son are having one last Halloween together before he leaves for college. You think it would be a fantastic idea to embarrass your kid one last time with some photos of all three of you in matching family Halloween costumes. But there's a catch. The traditional spooky couples Halloween costumes that match aren't silly enough. You need something that takes the goofy factor to the next level. The solution? Our unicorn jumpsuit. That's a memory that will never fade even after your nest is empty.

Scenario #4: Your sports team is planning a wild night out on October 31st after a game. But of course the coach says you can't wear your uniforms (it's almost like he doesn't trust you to behave). You decide you need an alternative way to keep track of each other as you make the rounds. Matching Halloween outfits come to the rescue. Since it's a co-ed soccer team, you choose a skeleton theme. The guys and girls can choose a jumpsuit or a tank and leggings to create their matching costumes. (By the way, the stitch suit and the similar stitched leggings also make great matching couple's outfits for Halloween.)

Want more funny couples Halloween costumes? We've got plenty of options from monsters to shapeshifters like the werewolf. We know you'll find matching Halloween outfits in the styles and sizes that make it easy for you to put together the right ensemble for your cast of two or more this Halloween. Matching costumes are the best!

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