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Halloween sweaters

Eat, drink, and be scary this October with our Halloween Sweaters! The perfect pullover for those fall nights spent carving pumpkins, bobbing for apples, and trick-or-treating. Premium yarns and reinforced seams will last you for many Halloweens to come! /
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Halloween Sweaters

Feeling spooky? These ugly Halloween sweaters won't exactly make people break out in a cold sweat, but they sure do make us laugh. In fact, we've got a whole skeleton full of funny bones at our disposal. And we're putting them all to work designing fun and horrifyingly tacky Halloween apparel for our Tipsy Elves customers. While others may dress up as movie characters, superheroes, or random household objects, you don't have to worry about putting together a costume this October. You get a pass when you are sporting a great horror holiday-themed top like these.

First up, there's the Tipsy Skulls Halloween sweater. This one serves as a chilling reminder of what we Tipsy Elves will look like one day. As mythic creatures, we do live a very long time. But too much alcohol might shorten our lifespans by a few hundred years. That's OK, at least we'll die laughing. The chortling craniums on this black Halloween sweater are winking because they know something you don't-- just like it's easier to stay cool in one of our men's Halloween shirts, it's a lot easier to stay tipsy when one doesn't have a liver anymore. Of course, with all those holes in their heads it is a bit difficult for these grinning skulls to hold their liquor.

The Breakdancing Skeleton is another jolly design that demonstrates our commitment to noir humor. This guy might be dancing his ribs out to a groovy beat at a party. Or, he might be falling through the endless void of space amidst an oddly regimented field of tiny stars. It's kind of hard to tell. But guessing by the look on his face, he's busting some serious hip-hop moves on the dance floor. We expect you to do the same (and post the video to YouTube to prove it). Of course, we won't tell you to break a leg. That would just be cruel. We also offer funny Halloween tee shirts to keep you a bit cooler on the dance floor.

Casper the Friendly Ghost is making a comeback--and not just from the grave. This childhood cartoon favorite is moving up to the big time and he won't let you forget it. Casper haunts this black and orange Halloween sweater with a smile that should be menacing...but ends up being amiable. It's hard to be a ghost when what you want most is for people to like you. Smile and say "Boo!" because it's time to have your picture taken with everyone's favorite phantasm. We take no responsibility for the weight you may gain from the candy given to you by old ladies who think you look simply adorable in this Halloween sweater.

Figuring out what to wear with these tops is pretty simple. If it's black, white, or orange, it works fine. Of course, we do recommend wearing highly reflective pants with these Halloween sweaters if you indulge in a little grownup trick-or-treating. Black acrylic doesn't exactly glow in the dark! We don't recommend carrying a white, long-haired cat while wearing one of our Halloween sweaters for women or one of our Halloween shirts for women. Also, avoid mirrors. You may find that you cannot see your reflection (especially after too many beers). Above all, have a safe and stylish Halloween!

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