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Halloween bodysuits


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Halloween Bodysuits

Are you ready to suit up for the October holiday? Our Halloween bodysuits really do make it as simple as stepping into a one-piece and wriggling until it fits as smooth as a glove. Just add makeup, and you're ready to go! These stretchy costumes make you look as sleek as a black cat, but without the tendency to hack up hairballs at inopportune moments. So, let's look at a few of the costumes in our collection and see which one matches your mood this autumn.

The Mermaid: This is the costume to choose if you've always been a bit of a split personality. You're always that person in your group of friends who can't decide if you want Chinese or Italian for dinner. And you never seem to quite fit in with the rest of the crowd. In one of our classy Halloween bodysuits, your uniqueness will be an asset. In this mermaid outfit, you can walk between the worlds of water and land--because you're fins never quite touch the ground.

Egyptian: Are you the queen bee in your social circle? This Halloween bodysuit will put everyone on notice that there is royalty in the house. It doesn't matter that your noble line died out thousands of years ago. When it's the witching hour on All Hallows' Eve, you ascend to the throne again. We recommend wearing some kind of snake (preferably fake) in your hair for an even more epic effect. Grab your jewel encrusted smartphone and be prepared to take some historic selfies!

Skeleton: Maybe you're the person who others think of as too solemn, but you're really just dedicated to stripping everything down to the basics. After all, there is beauty in simplicity, and it doesn't get more foundational than the skeletal structure. This bony bodysuit lets everyone know that you are dead serious about having a spooky time this Halloween. White or black boots that make a clattering sound when you walk will amp up the creepy factor on this outfit.

Patriotic: Are you the ultimate all-American girl? Then this red, white, and blue outfit will definitely catch your eye. With its gold gauntlets and gladiator style ankle straps, this is one of our most glamorous Halloween bodysuits. We know you won't be able to resist wearing some sparkly shoes with this piece--even if that means bringing out the gold spray paint. Prepare to kick some fashion butt in this outfit!

Mummy: Maybe you're the introspective introvert in your group. This outfit makes it OK to be all wrapped up in yourself. After all, you are probably the most interesting person you know. People who are fortunate enough to become your friend will find that there are always more layers to you than meet the eye. This is one of those casual Halloween bodysuits that can be worn with plain canvas sneakers, the rattier the better.

Get all your Halloween costume needs met right here--and don't forget to check for accessories. These bodysuits don't have pockets. But you can always fix that by adding one of our Halloween fanny packs.

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