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Halloween party costumes

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Halloween Party Costumes

The smell of candy corn is in the air, and the contact sugar high is making you crave our epic Halloween party costumes. That's right, it's a secret plot to get you to shop for better quality costumes for Halloween. Party antics are sure to ensue when you realize that no one can recognize you in your Frankenstein jumpsuit. You can stumble around asking people where your brain came from, and they'll just look at you like you've lost your mind (when the real trouble is that you have the wrong one!) There's no telling what the night will have in store when you wear our Halloween party attire--especially if you choose our matching Halloween couples costumes). But let's just propose a few possible story lines.

Storyline #1: The Candy Apple Heist. Sometimes, the quality of a Halloween party outfit can make or break your evening. You chose the wrong day to wear a cheap Halloween mask from a convenience store. The eye holes were oddly placed and when you weren't looking, some kids came by and stole all the candy apples you'd made for the party. Fortunately, you were able to change into one of our awesomely funny Halloween costumes for adults. The stitched up suit made you look so formidable when you showed up on the doorstep of the thieves' parents that the kids confessed immediately and gave you back all the apples (and only a few had teeth marks on them!) You carried the apples home, careful not to get sticky coating on your impeccable Halloween party attire.

Storyline #2: The Great Mustard Battle. You and your partner made a last minute decision to get matching costumes for Halloween. The jumpsuits you settled on were our Hot Dog outfits. All was going well until a food fight broke out at the fall festival. In your food-themed Halloween party costumes, you and your significant other were the perfect target for being pelted with condiments. But in your funny Halloween couples costumes, you were able to sneak into a nearby restaurant and convince them to donate all their ketchup packets to your defense fund. When you returned to the fray, your double-barreled ketchup squirting skills won the day!

Storyline #3: The Mistaken Identity. You had a great time picking out costumes for Halloween party night at the university. But you left the browser open and your roommate ordered the same Halloween party outfit that you did. When you both showed up as Astronauts and your roomie got pretty animated after a few too many dehydrated ice cream sandwiches, you ended up getting blamed. Fortunately, this story of matching Halloween party costumes has a happy ending. But it's up to you to figure out what that is! Choose your own adventure about these funny Halloween costumes for adults...

The point is this, when you wear our funny Halloween party costumes, there's no telling where the night will take you. And with our couples costumes for Halloween, you double the chances of finding some excitement.

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