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Hanukkah Dog Sweater

Hanukkah Dog Sweater

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Hanukkah Dog Sweater

Premium Sweater Quality
-Made with 100% premium acrylic fabric.
-Sizes available for small lap dogs and all the way up to BIG dogs.-Designed to not get in the way when your pooch goes tinkle in the snow.< /br> -Machine washable. In case they play a little dirty.< /br>-Please see size chart in order to determine your dog's correct size.
Oy, vey! Why are there never any good Hanukkah dog sweaters when you go shopping for the holidays to find something for your four-legged friend? Now, you no longer have to lament about the lack of furry fashion options for the Festival of Lights. We’ve got just the right outerwear to keep your pet warm and cozy when you’re out and about in cool weather over the holidays.

If dogs are allowed at your next ugly sweater party, your canine will be the best-dressed pooch for sure. There will be much sniffing and tail-wagging among the attendees (including the other dogs). Match this outfit with a gold collar and tags for extra sophistication. Or, put a little yarmulke on your doggie for a more observant appearance.

This dreidel themed Hanukkah design is modeled after our popular blue and gold sweater for humans. But we have to admit, it looks even better on your hound than it does on you! There’s just something slimming about the interlocking dreidels. If you named your dog after one of the letters of the Hebrew alphabet, this is an even more spectacular outfit for him to wear. You can call, “Hey, Gimmel, Gimmel, Gimmel” and make everyone scratch their heads in confusion.



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