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Hawaiian christmas shirts


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Hawaiian Christmas Shirts

Are you blessed enough to live in a tropical climate this Christmas? Or maybe you just feel like bucking the trend and going rogue with a completely different kind of sartorial choice? May we present to you our Hawaiian Christmas shirts range - it might not keep you warm, but we can guarantee you'll be the coolest kid on the block.

The festive season is the perfect time to dress up in the craziest outfit possible, and nothing says crazy like a dude who's stepping out in the snow in a Hawaiian shirt. Even Santa needs a break, so why not shout about it with this “pool boy” Santa Hawaiian shirt? We never imagined we'd see the day where Santa would be lounging around with his shirt off, but there he is, in all his festively plump glory, lying on a pool lounger surrounded by beach balls. Okay so he's not exactly cruising across the North Pole, but our designers have thrown some candy cane beach balls in there for that extra festive touch.

This next entry we like to think of as our “Santa's been caught playing away” Hawaiian shirt. Sure, that could be Mrs Claus scantily clad in a grass skirt and coconut bikini, but who's to say what Santa will get up to while the cat's away? In this “surf's up” Hawaiian shirt, we see good ole Saint Nick taking to the waves like a pro. He's a man of many talents - gift-maker, ladies' man, and now, turns out, a baller surfer. Who knew?

If the idea of Santa outside of his natural habitat doesn't jingle your bells, don't worry. Our Hawaiian Christmas shirts range also features the big man hitting the slopes after a tiring night's delivering. This tasteful light blue number still embodies the tropical charm of Hawaii, but also brings an air of alpine adventure to the fore with our very own Saint Nick cruising through the black diamonds.

Not a pro with buttons? No sweat. We've also got a huge range of festive t-shirts to choose from, which will keep you just as cool as a Hawaiian shirt, but are definitely easier to take off after a few drinks. Behold the almighty Dad bod: celebrating Christmas bellies since the birth of our Lord. We've got all sorts of undignified Santa designs to choose from in this year's Christmas shirts range, including some very naughty “ask your mom if I'm real” motifs.

Of course, we all love a homage to an old fat dude at Christmas, so we couldn't leave out our humble president. This men's fake trees tee is sure to strike up a good old fashioned family debate at Christmas. All the while our gracious leader will be rubbing his tiny hands, knowing we're giving him even more attention.

From Hawaiian shirts to tongue-in-cheek tees, we've got the perfect range of Christmas shirts for lounging around and stirring up drama this Christmas. Grab yours today!

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