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Irish shirts

Gosh and begorrah. Is it almost March again? That means you can't delay in preparing to celebrate, if you have a little Irish in you (or if you want to). These Irish shirts are made for lads and lassies who know that putting great fashion and an awesome fit together, is more than just a matter of luck. Let your shamrocks shine in these amazing St. Patty's Day tops!
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Irish Shirts

Do you love Irish shirts as much as you love Irish stout? Then you've found the perfect collection of St. Patty's Day clothing right here! From Celtic festivals to Friday nights at the local pub, you can wear these t-shirts throughout the month of March. After all, there's no point in being shy about your fondness of all things Irish. Who wouldn't want to be lucky as a four-leaf clover and as charming as a leprechaun with a pot of gold to spare?

The Tipsy Elves are dedicated North-Polians, but we have plenty of relatives in the Emerald Isles among the wee folk. So, we've made a point of designing a full set of gear to celebrate the beeriest of all holidays. You'll find that the stylish fit of our men's and women's t-shirts provide plenty of options for going green this spring. Our Irish shirts can be classed up with chinos or skirts, but we like them best paired with a well-worn pair of blue jeans. A nice dark-wash denim fabric tends to hide the green beer stains.

What are some of our favorite themes for Irish t-shirts? Let's start with the beer. There's no shortage of inspiration there! From "Here To Paddy'" with a stein in each mitt to our PSA of "Zero Lucks Given", you'll be sure to find an iconic top that celebrates the consumption of this time-honored beverage. As always, these Tipsy Elves shirts look most attractive when viewed through beer goggles.

Leprechauns are also featured widely on our Tipsy Elves gear. We like to think of them as our red-headed Irish cousins. We haven't found out exactly where Cousin Seamus keeps that pot of gold, but we're still looking. In the meantime, you can enjoy our festive depictions of these mischievous fairly folk as they take time off from cobbling shoes to celebrate with a pint or two. We even have an Irish shirt that features a baby leprechaun that is sure to be the talk of the pub.

No collection of Irish shirts would be complete without a cautionary tale of love lost. In fact, you can wear your heart on your sleeve with our "Can't Stop Drinking About You" design. Alcohol doesn't make the pain go away. But it does make other people seem more interested in hearing you complain about your ex, especially if you're the one buying the beer.

Did we mention these Irish shirts make awesome gifts? We think our verdant tops work great as uniforms for your beer pong team. You could even earn brownie points for shooting these shirts out of a t-shirt cannon into the crowd during a St. Patty's Day parade. There's also the potential to use these tees as raffle items for your favorite cause. (Just be aware that resolving the severe beer shortage at your fraternity house doesn't count as a charitable act). The best thing about this Irish apparel is the green color. It's like a meter that shows you when you have had enough. If your face starts to look the same hue as your Irish shirt, it's definitely time to stop drinking!

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