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Kid's christmas shirts


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Kid's Christmas Shirts

There's no time like the holidays to give the children in your life a Santa style makeover, and our kids Christmas shirts help you accomplish that feat in one fell swoop. All you have to do is get close enough to slip one of these kids Xmas shirts over their head. Voila! In our Christmas shirts for kids, they instantly look like part of our elf community. Yes, we wear kids Christmas shirts here at the North Pole, because even in the coldest part of the year we want to look cool. Here's a look at some of our most awesome designs for the under eighteen set.

First up is our "NamaSleigh" design. It's got that crunchy vibe that your vegetarian 12 year old will really take to heart. Santa as depicted on these Xmas shirts for kids is the original hippy. He's got the long beard thing going on, he always wears the same clothes, loves animals (especially reindeer), and shares everything. We won't talk about what he's got in his pipe, though. Our kids Christmas clothing is sure to become a favorite, so you may have a fight over actually getting this shirt into the washer. You might want to buy some extra tops so they can be in rotation.

Next up in our kids Xmas shirts collection is the "I Don't Believe In You Either". It's for that child who is a contrarian. You tell them Santa is real, they don't believe you. You explain St. Nick is a myth, and they point to the facts about the historical character. You just can't win--unless you buy them ironic kids Christmas shirts like this one. They'll love the role reversal on this charming top! We recommend our kids winter beanies to add that charming but slightly punk edge to the outfit.

What about Christmas shirts for kids who still think they might catch a glimpse of dear old Santa creeping down the chimney? "Stay Woke" is their watchword. You don't really want them to stay up all night, because grumpy kids on Christmas morning are no fun. But this is definitely the tee they'll want to wear to bed on Xmas Eve. Our family Christmas outfits including our Xmas shirts for kids and grownups don't have to wait until after December 25th. You can start wearing them right after Thanksgiving--when all the Xmas decorations start going up!

There's much more fashion awaiting in our holiday lineup. Besides kids Christmas shirts, you'll find ski hats for kids. These toboggans are warm and one-size-fits all, making them great gifts for those nieces and nephews on your list--the ones you can't remember ages and sizes for because they grow so fast. We've also got some amazing ugly Xmas sweaters for kids who have the sense of humor to handle looking silly and being cool at the same time. Explore our full range of holiday gear for the family and get ready for an epic Christmas that's warm, fashionable, and fun!

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