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Lifeguard Costume

Could there be any lifeguard costume better than an iconic red swimsuit? Is there any place you'd rather be than the beaches of Santa Monica? If you're looking for a lifeguard Halloween costume that evokes Baywatch, this is the place to get it. You can bounce slowly through the party in a zipped up red one piece or go bobbing for apples in our red and navy bikini set. These crowd pleasers are sure to ignite interest. Of course, you don't have to wear a skimpy swimsuit to create a great lifeguard outfit. Here are some more options for guys and gals to create a lifeguard costume that will make you the life of the party.

If you are a guy, there's probably one existential question on your mind: Do beaches love you? They might if you don our vivid blue shirt featuring the furry chested Hoffmeister--also known as the original Mitch. He's the reason so many ladies fell in love with the idea of being rescued from the clutching fingers of the deadly undertow in the first place. But you can be the one to sweep them off their feet in this lifeguard outfit. Be sure to top it with our signature Baywatch windbreaker so you can unzip it for a big reveal midway through the evening.

Guys will love our "Suns Out, Guns Out" shirt as well. Grab your own rescue board to take along as the ideal accessory for this Halloween lifeguard costume. You can show of your triceps as you use the board as a shield against attacking zombies. They've got nothing on the power of the Hoff. Be sure to grab a pair of our red and blue swim trunks to complete your lifeguard outfit. Flip flops are optional. A cool attitude in the face of danger is not.

For the ladies, we have no shortage of tanks to wear as part of a sultry lifeguard costume. It's definitely "Suns Out, Buns Out" time when you pair our red and white tank with cheeky shorts or bikini bottoms. You can also let everyone know that you run this beach in our classy Baywatch inspired red tank. Don't forget to pull your pony tail through our matching red baseball cap. You don't want that October sun glaring in your eyes as you stare down a werewolf at the Halloween party.

The accessories you can add to your Halloween lifeguard costume are endless. There's the whistle (which everyone will hate you for using), the bottle of sunscreen that draws people to you like a magnet, and the first aid kit that you can fill with candy to hand out in a reverse Trick or Treat. Don't forget to bring along a mannequin to show off your mad CPR skills. Or, just find yourself a friendly vampire to practice on. They may not go out in the sun much on principle, but your lifeguard costume will make them rethink their "no UV exposure" rule for sure.

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