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Mardi gras leggings


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Mardi Gras Leggings & Tights

We're not sure there's an official piece of clothing designed for staggering down Bourbon street, but these Mardi Gras leggings will probably do nicely. They've got all the traditional colors of the holiday and dazzling strands of beads draped this way and that, creating the illusion of movement. Plus, they are colorful enough to hide the BBQ stains from all the different restaurants you have visited in your quest for the perfect brisket sandwich.

With the stretchy elastic waist, you could even use them as a bottle holder. Yes, you'll probably wander all over the place trying to figure out where you put your drink. But your friends will think that's hilarious. Seriously though, you should just buy one of our fanny packs with an attached koozie to hold your beer. Because it has a handy-dandy pouch in the front to hold everything else as well, from your beads to an extra mask. Just don't try to cram a feather boa into your belt bag. The feathers really mess up the zipper.

What else is there to like about our Mardi Gras leggings? They can go with any of our tops. This mix and match capability is always one of the best things about wearing Tipsy Elves gear. It's like those fashion shows where they do a wardrobe makeover and are like, "See, this pair of pants can be styled five different ways!" Only the Mardi Gras costumes version is more like, "See? I managed to put on pants AND a matching tank top even though I was up until three pm last night carousing in the French Quarter!" It really is a grab-and-go situation when you pack a few of our Mardi Gras shirts and pants for your party and parade activities.

Should you and your "krewe" of BFFs all wear our Mardi Gras leggings? We don't see why not. There's no shame in showing up to these Shrove Tuesday activities dressed identically. In fact, there is strength in number and in not being readily identifiable. No one can tag you on FB with any confidence when your face is covered by a mask and you are surrounded by seven other people all wearing the same outfit. And that's a good thing considering what you might get up to during a parade that you don't want to be flashed all over social media with your name attached. The only evidence of what went down should be the beads you hang from your rearview mirror later.

What about footwear and other accessories to go with your Mardi Gras clothes? White shoes look absolutely awesome with the black and purple pants. But since there's no telling what you might step in out there on the bustling streets, we feel more comfortable suggesting a cheap pair of canvas sneaks that have been bedazzled to the point of no return. For up top, we think a feather headdress or a ball cap works equally well. It's really about keeping that laid-back vibe and catching as many Zulu coconuts as you can before the magical festival ends.

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