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Mardi gras shirts


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Men's Pardi Gras Tee
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Mardi Gras T-Shirts & Tees

Does anyone even wear Mardi Gras shirts? Isn't it just a hedonistic, topless fest for two whole weeks? If you've never been to one of these celebrations, that may be the impression you have. But the truth is that most folks do wear at least some semblance of clothing for the duration of Carnival. That means you should probably pack a few Mardi Gras t-shirts if you are headed to Louisiana this season to ensure you the only one without Mardi Gras clothes. The good news is that you can dress as casual as you like. It's not all sequins and spandex--which can be scratchy and sweaty respectively. Instead, you can slip into comfy tees and tanks for your street side adventures and still look perfectly put together. Here's a peek at some of the designs you can flaunt along the boulevard...

Tired of people boasting about their hilarious and daring escapades without providing any proof? Call their bluff with your "Beads or it didn't happen" top. Like all our Mardi Gras shirts, this one goes great with strand after strand of colorful plastic beads. We won't tell anyone that you picked yours up at the gas station five miles outside of Baton Rouge or stole them off some drunk person in an alley off Bourbon street. You can pretend you earned them fair and square.

Maybe the revelry is all about food for you and your crew. In that case, get ready to yell "Jambalaya" when you see our "Let's get CRAY" tees and tanks. These Mardi Gras shirts were made for feasting, and we are kind of interested to see how much boudin, gumbo, and po-boy will be able to fit inside you when you wear our comfortably stretchy tops. These pieces also wash well--which is essential since basically all the best food in Louisiana is incredibly messy to get from the plate into your mouth. You can also rest comfortably in a food or beer coma in t-shirts that double as sleepwear. Because daytime was made for napping and nighttime was made for partying!

Guys and gals may like different things about Mardi Gras costumes. But the thirst for beads is universal. Dudes like big beads (and they cannot lie), while girls want you to "Bead me and tell me I'm pretty". Fortunately, we have Mardi Gras tights and shirts to celebrate all bead related sentiments and encourage maximum bead-age throughout the festival. When you have so many strands that you can no longer see the designs on our Mardi Gras shirts--or when your cervical spine gives out from the sheer weight of it all--it's probably time to stop. Until then, go out there and get after those shiny little baubles, my pretties!

From Mardi Gras to Pardi Gras, it's not a celebration unless you have cheap puns. Of course, the Louisiana natives of French extraction will get a triple pun since 'pardi' is a mild cuss word in that language that might be translated as 'blast'--which is another word in English for having a good time. It's a pun that's more circular than a king cake and twice as tasty!

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