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Mens holiday sweaters

Want to stand out at the office Christmas party? Be the big Santa on campus? We've got men's holiday sweaters that will knock the competition out of the park. After all, we believe it's impossible to have too many pom-poms on a single sweater...
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Men's Drinking Game Ugly Christmas Sweater
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Men's Bottle Opener Ugly Christmas Sweater
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Men's Cheer Pong Game Ugly Christmas Sweater
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Men's Holiday Sweaters

Men's Holiday Sweaters

Are you having a blue Christmas? We've got the ideal men's holiday sweaters to cheer you up. These 100% acrylic tops have a modern fit that helps you look great regardless of your mood. The lightweight knit is comfortable in cool weather and perfect for layering when it's downright cold outside. Here are four favorite blue designs to help you chill out.

Runaway Sleigh

This men's Christmas sweater has a backdrop as deep and dark as Christmas Eve illuminated with a full moon. That's where Santa and his rocket-reindeer-propelled sleigh were headed when we managed to snap a photo. When he touched down in the Sea of Tranquility crater, there was tinsel everywhere (it made the moon extra bright). The full phase of the moon only occurs on Christmas Eve once every 60 years or so. But we put together this reenactment using the same technology that was deployed to fake the first moon landing. Oops, we weren't supposed to tell you that!

Ugly Christmas Tree

There's a whole lot going on visually with our ugly holiday sweaters for men. This design is no exception. It barely manages to make it onto our blue Christmas sweater list. The mish-mash of primary colors makes this top look like something your four year old nephew would have designed. In fact, this item is a delight for children of all ages. They can't get enough of pulling on the pompoms. If we hadn't sewn them on so tightly, you might find your men's Christmas sweater plucked bare of baubles by the end of a family holiday party. Pair this festive sweater with our bright red or green chino pants to complete your holiday look.

Romantic Yeti

This fabulous sweater features one shade of blue for the snowstorm and a lighter tint for the yeti's eye shadow and pedicured toenails. Her name is Gertrude, and she's a wonderful person after you get to know her. That's what she's inviting you to do with her coy look and sprig of ribbon-bedecked mistletoe. She may not be a beauty queen, but she knows how to keep a fellow warm on a cold winter night. Fashionable blue and gray stripes band the collar, cuffs and hemline on this piece to give it a little more class. After all, even if you are dating an abominable snow-woman you want to dress up a little to make a good impression on Christmas. This men's holiday Christmas sweater tells all the girls in our women's holiday sweaters at the party that you are, sadly, already taken.


Of all our holiday Christmas sweaters for men, this is probably the most frightening. It's not the monstrous lizard that gives us the heebie-jeebies. It's the dead-eyed teddy bear. There's just something about any kind of stuffed animal that we find creepy. We make these toys all year in Santa's workshop here at the North Pole--and we've seen some stuff you wouldn't believe. Those small furry things move around in the night when we aren't looking. Now, you can scare your friends in our women's ugly holiday sweaters at an ugly Christmas sweater party too!.

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