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Men's Mr. Steal Your Grill Tee

Men's Mr. Steal Your Grill Tee

Men's Mr. Steal Your Grill Tee

Premium Quality
-Made with 50% Cotton, 38% polyester, and 12% Rayon.
-Soft, comfortable fit
-Machine washable
-Made in the USA.
-Fits true to size. See size chart for additional sizing information.
President, emperor, warrior… these titles pale in comparison to that of Barbecue King, an honor reserved only for those with the finest tastes in al fresco meatiness. The Men’s Mr Steal Your Grill T Shirt is a playful homage to a Vine that inspired GIFs and memes everywhere back in 2015. Try the electric blue cotton, complete with barbecue motif, for yourself. Will you be crowned true Barbecue King, or will the pranksters sail off with your perfectly primed meats? Wear the shirt and be the king – remember, it’s grill or be grilled.

We would tell you a dad-joke about cheeseburgers, but it's a bit cheesy!



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