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Men's Naked Troll Doll Sweater

Men's Naked Troll Doll Sweater

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Men's Naked Troll Doll Sweater

Premium Sweater Quality
-Made with 100% premiere acrylic yarn.
-Double panel construction and reinforced seams.
-Fits true to size. See size chart for additional sizing information.
-Male model is 6'0" , 180 lbs, and is wearing a size large sweater.
This Christmas troll sweater features everyone’s favorite holiday hobgoblin. The twisted peppermint candy cane hair is the only adornment needed for this droll, cave-dwelling creature. We see these trolls from time to time here at the North Pole (where many mythical beings reside). Although we aren’t close friends with the tiny trolls, we are a bit in awe of this species. They can brave the harsh polar chill with no clothing at all. That’s quite a combination of incredibly thick skin and a formidable cold tolerance. It must be a Scandinavian thing.< /br>The emerald green eyes staring out of the cherubic trollish face are also mesmerizing. In fact, Tipsy Elves are sometimes lured away into the glaciers and never heard from again after an encounter with these seemingly harmless trolls. But that’s a story for another day. What you’re probably wondering is what to wear with this hypnotic troll Christmas sweater. We definitely don’t recommend going without trousers. It’s kind of against the ugly holiday sweater party dress code. Some jeans and white canvas sneakers will be fine. We do think this particular top looks great with our red and white beanies and scarves. So, mix and match the accessories to suit the occasion.
Officially licensed by DreamWorks Animation.



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